Spectacular 3D Entry: Romel Olivares


Hi Romelalgo, nice job your doing, very good,

best luck for you.


Thanks Ruramuq for the supporting.
See ya soon.


waaaaaaah! aliens! they exist! i knew it! aaaaaah!


good work on that head, it looks really cute. would you mind increasing your pace? :smiley: :wip:


Waiting for updates:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Sorry, I not have a time for my spectacular. I’m working right now.
Please, wait for me. I promise to update my job the next week.


This is an alien model, the entire body.


This is my Alien head.


Well, this is a little advance of my alien model. The mesh even has symmetry because I think to improve it.The following step is the rig and to give it the pose like the drawing.
I’m waiting for your suggestions. Cheers.


Such a sweet alien! I’m glad to see it’s of a friendly kind - nice work :thumbsup:


tHANKS GUNILLA, I want to give it a friendly human aspect, because that creates the mystery. Creates the questions, good or bad boys?
See ya.


I don´t have much time for my Spectacular 3D, argggggggggggg. Because I’m working in architecture 3d. See my last works on last month:


i understand your problem with the work, i have the same ^^
But we will achieve this challenge, keep the pressure romelalgo.


I’am kepping the pressure.
But has just a short time for the challenge. Well. I’m working now.
Spectacular 3D tonight. Every nights. Yeah.


Congratulations about your works… very professional… very beautiful… I’m happy you can save some times to continue on your project… seeya Romel :thumbsup:


Thanks, man. I continue between my work and my art things, because I think this challenge is an art thing and I like it.
Cheers, Lemog.


hiya romelalgo for a moment i thought u changed ur concept! heheh nice architectural renderings man! nice modeling on the alien ! very cool! yeah work has been one of my enemies too :wink: but finaly got some time! and keep going man!


Thanks Hamid, I thought that no longer I would have work and I was mistaken. I don’t know if can finish the finish entry, that is my main preoccupation.
I don´t be a enemy to you, hahaha… Check your thread, is amazing.


:smiley: … spiders and aliens at war then! hahaha!:bounce:


Maybe we could to make a Spectacular Battle or…

          :buttrock:  [b]SPEC WAR  :eek:

think about, ahahah. After the challenge maybe. Cheers . :thumbsup:[/size]


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