Spectacular 3D Entry: Romel Olivares


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Latest Update: Modeling: Alien HEAD


:bounce: waiting to see your work


I coming back soon.
I am reviewing my emotions and ideas.
I try to be original.
It’s very hard, but I’m enjoy.


Was just looking at the response you had on Hamid Ibrahim’s thread and wanted to see what you’ve got going on. I am looking forward to see what you come up with…


Hi Romel! Thanks a lot for the reference pic on the baby on my thread - looking forward to see what you’ll come up with here- good luck and have fun! :thumbsup:


Answer me.

I ask our beliefs. This image is an accumulation of questions nonsolved.
Jesus was helped to leave the tomb?
The alien comes to help Jesus?
Who accompanies them from outside?
Perhaps it is the consumation of the greatest plan? or
maybe it could “be taken”.
The answers will give each one. Responding with its own beliefs.
Always there is something beyond our mind.
Could you say who is who?


Fantastic concept, i really like it…dunno why :wink:


Thanks Shortgrey, I am thinking my concept again.
I update my avatar.

I’ll sleep now:wise:, In the morning I’ll model the tomb. I think. :shrug:


Hi each one, this one is a good morning for me.
I think I can even improve my concept. :eek:
But first, i’ll take my breakfast.


hey romel! cool concept! like it man!
oh and in the pm i forgot to tell you i did a lot of editing in ps!:slight_smile:

cheers man!


Hi Romel,

Great Idea Dude!
I love your conzept.

I´m curious to see this as a finished piece!

Great luck to you
Cheers :beer: Alex


Relly weird concept! Thus, I like it a lot. It’s sort of the ultimate “what-if” scenario going on here, on many levels…


yunisirees: Thanks Hamid, I used ps too for my concept. Maybe put colors soon. I think in max is better.

vampeta: I´m curious to see this as a finished piece, TOO.


It’s sort of the ultimate “what-if” scenario going on here, on many levels…
I don´t understand your expression, I am new in this forum.

The 3D concept will be ready today. :bounce:


Oh sorry, I just meant that it’s a very intriguing idea… a very unexpected combination of different influences - so in other words: it’s very cool :smiley:



Modeling the tomb, but where is everybody?
I think this moment could be before the crucifixion.


Hahahahaha… very good, I like your original concept mate… really :thumbsup:

“Who is who ?” good question… that give us something very serious and very funny in the same time. Keep it up Romel :bounce:


good luck Romel, waiting next steps :wip: on bodies modelling ! keep it up !


Thanks, Laurent and Julien. Your opinions are very important to me.

Now, I am modeling the tomb completely like one piece. Because the antique aspect is very organic without corners.

See you later.


hei man started modeling eh! and it looks great like the soft painting touch there!
cheers !


I will try that stays. Thanks dude.