Spectacular 3D Entry: Roman Shcherbakov


I love your modeling, very clean. I can’t wait till everything is alll textured.


hi BobbEr
awesome details man! and like the unique machine designs!
cheers ! and carry on the modeling beautifully !



Thank you!!! I’l try to texture it good :)!


Thank you!!! I’l try :)!


Looks cool! :thumbsup:


New update :)! AI added some detailes, geometry is near complete! :wink:


Hey Roman!:slight_smile: You model looks nice but this huge “boxes” (or how your named them :slight_smile: )… May be need to make them a little bit more difference and fairness. How long this will be? I think massive back with gigantic jets will be great!



Thank you!!! I’ll add details, but I think they must be Huge and hard, becose this is military machine!:thumbsup: It will not be very long, I think you see the end of it, but i’ll ad massive Jets!!!


Я смотрю кораблик принимает все более внушительный вид!:eek: глаза уже разбегаються ! Сколько в нем полигонов?


Max 234666 cccp
Thank you!!!

Кораблик имеет 400 000 poly сейчас… Немного пока… Главное я придумал как текстурить, а это главное! :slight_smile:


wo long time no see … very welldon modeling…i wish never get raine ha hahaaa :scream:


I like it a lot :thumbsup: want to see it in the scene textured.


Yeah really waiting to see the whole thing textured, Nice job dude:thumbsup:


Amazing work here !
Your modeling skills are really great !
How many polygons now? :argh:


Thank you!!!

Thank you!!! You’ll see it textured ;)!


Thank you!!!


Thank you!!! 500 000 polygons now :).!


Hey Roman ,

Looks like your modeling is going well:thumbsup: :thumbsup: , you definitely have enough detail. Looking forward to this being textured.


Thank you!!!


Wow Roman! :eek: You’re defenitily one of the best in this challenge! :twisted: That level of detail, exactly good sharpness in the details, and awesome modeling! And it’s also damn nice clean stuff! :scream:

You’re completely gonna make it… I’m very interested in your texturing, materials and lighting!

Have fun & Find luck! :beer:


AH! Killer details on the model! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Can’t wait to see the grand finale. Awesome, man! Simply amazing!


I ended modeling, and try base ship metal texture


А текстура где? У тебя же в зоголовке написано Текстуринг и Моделинг… куда дел? :slight_smile: