Spectacular 3D Entry: Roman Shcherbakov


The modeling is coming along nicely, but you might want to give another go at a concept sketch.

A better view would be from the perspective directly under the mech looking over the cockpit at the fleet of union forces. Great job with modeling! Love the tank.


Отличный старт! главное не останавливаться !


more, more, more details!
I know, that you can :thumbsup:
good luck!

насчёт коробля, ты его лоу-поли делаешь?


2 Deryk
Thank you, I’m glad you like it :^).
[rus] Da, ia staraius dergat’ stil’. Spasibo . :slight_smile: [/rus]

2 Max 234666 cccp

Ok, now I’m doing not the main machines ;). I’ll try to make it cool :).

2 Nichod
Ok. You are right, I’ll make better that in sketch.

2 sijen

Спасибо. Не буду останавливаться. Просто на даче был некогда было моделить :).

2 HaVok
Thank you :).
I’ll do the best I can.
Корабль второго плана - миддл поли.


I began modeling robot, operated by human.




Very intresting. Keep going. :)Правда пока не понятна будущая конструкция, но очень интересно увидеть продолжение. :smiley:


I changed modeling. I think it is better now.


hey, nice style :bounce:


YES! Gagarin’s helmet!
Ety reshetky, vskaja travmati4eskaja i neprakti4naja hujna - delaut cool style! (izvini za mat, eto po-horoshemy, da i nikto ne razberet;).
mne ndravitsa. I’m serious!


update :). C&C welcome!


bne - [/b]thank you :).

Deryk - izviniau za mat :). rad, chto tebe ponraviloc’ :).


update again :slight_smile:


waiting for more :thumbsup:


cool concept! and very impressive modeling!carry on with the good progress!
cheers man!


Nice modelling, good lighting!:thumbsup: Waiting for updates! :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: Маладец …пока все нравитьЦа… хе хе нападение 3д центра на сиджителк… СЧИТАТЬ ОТКРЫТЫМ… )))) ВСЕМ ДАЧУ У МОРЯ…


Nice modelling and interesting style there.


Cool work, i like the design of the tank, and i’m curious to see the complete robot.

Keep it up mate :thumbsup:


Very nice details, but I have one coment.

The microfone, looks to me out side of the glass of helmet. I think you have to put inside. But is only a short detail.