Spectacular 3D Entry: Roman Shcherbakov


Thank you! Yes, I know about space in the middle, I’ll add town at background! And flag into the center :)!


update :slight_smile:
I changed ground & added some detailes. I’ll make town smaller & with DOF! And wait for particle effects :)!


YOINKS BobbEr… You’ve really crafted a great image so far… Before I just dug the details but now the atmosphere has me too… Keep pushing this mate, make it all you can in the time left…:buttrock: Rock on…


Thanks :beer:! I’ll try to make good final! :slight_smile:


Партия Ленина нас к торжеству комммунизма ведет :slight_smile: Красный флаг такие оссоциации вызвал :)А что УФ значит это?


Max 234666 cccp
U/F means United Forces
У/Ф - обьединенные силы значит (United Forces)


Better and Better! I like composition, ship looks excelent, but is a bit lonley, maybe some another ships help. Anyway, I like it so much and I still look foward to see final image. :thumbsup:


Hi BobbER

The scene is coming together very nicely!
But you did so many very cool details on the aircraft, that is lost now seeing it only from below.
maybe just copy the aircraft and have two of them, one pointing upwards and one diving down to create forground and to show of all the excelent details og the aircraft.
Good luck!


Thank you for support and advice! You are right! I’ll add more ships in the sky!

Hi! Thank you for useful crit! I’ll add more ‘Flagman’ ships in different poses at the background! I hope U’ll like the final :slight_smile:


update! I tryed new sky, made town smaller and changed color gamma! :slight_smile: The next update will be more intresting! :slight_smile: C&C as always welcome!



The new sky is great, more dramatic, looks good.


This one looks much more better! :thumbsup:
Добавь по центру корабль, который высаживает десант.Куда нибудь на холм. Думаю это добавит массовости и драмматизма. :slight_smile:


nice sky! good job, cant wait to see final image.:slight_smile:


Nice work. Congratulations friend !
Just one think in the lights. As the sun is setting ( or rising) the front of the soldiers and plane would be more shadowned , and contrasted…as the light wold come from behind.


Thank you! I’ll make sky more dramatic in the final :)!

I’ll add if I’ll have enough time :)! I’ll add more ship it will be better I think!

Thank you for your support! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’ll think about it!


Hi res render :)!


update. I added second ship and made 1st soldier and tanks bigger. C&C welcome.


Pre - final! 90% complete! C&C Welcome!


Better and better. :slight_smile: I think u need more contrast to this ash or how you named this thing falling down.



Thank you! I’ll think about contrast ash :)! Tomorrow you’ll see the Final :)!