Spectacular 3D Entry: Roman Shcherbakov


Hi! The new version looks more interesting! This tank turned out very unusual! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


rawwad, SONIC-X, Atris

Thank you for your support, guys! I’ll try with final! :slight_smile:


Another simple composition & render test. I’ll make more scene detailes (tanks, soldiers & background city) of course :)! Only test! :slight_smile: But I hope You’ll Like it :)!


hmm, looks good! but one thing you should add is something like a tree etc - because it seemes like tanks are very small and robots are just people - I can’t feel it’s big!

короче говоря для подчеркивания маштаба роботов-танков предлагаю добавить какие-нибудь деревья. :slight_smile:


Great work man! Nice colors. :thumbsup:

Agree with (o)ne. You need a big object. :slight_smile:

keep going!


Thank you for advice, friend! :slight_smile: Yes, you are right! :slight_smile: I’ll add many objects into my scene :)! And I’ll add trees!

Thank you! :slight_smile: I’ll add tree :)!



I’m not a fan of your ground… Maybe a bump or… modeling your stone.
I like your Robots but the ground…
I hope you will change it.:slight_smile:
I like very much your work whom I am since the beginning. Now it’s the time to make the ground !
(I speak french sorry for my writting error…)

Good job and good luck


Me too I agree with (o)ne and ulternate you need to add a tree or something big, or maybe just increase the scale size of tanks Otherwise looks great:thumbsup: . I respect your modeling skills Man:bowdown: Keep up the good work:)


Do not worry, I’ll change ground (it is only TEST as I wrote in the last update :)! Thank you for advice! :slight_smile:

Thank you for crit! :slight_smile: I’ll add tree for better understand robots & tanks scale :)!

U’ll see more updates the next time :).


More soldiers & tanks, new Flagman position! :slight_smile: C&C Welcome! (I’ll fix ground and will fix scale problem , I know about it) :slight_smile:


Looking pretty intresting there.Love to see it develope some more.


I preffered to see the top of the ship and not the bottom… Like in your first composition:

The top is nicer (IMHO)!:thumbsup:


agree with sergioKomic :slight_smile:

maybe you can do smth like that the SHIP is landing to pickup allied forces from this hell of battle?


I agree too…


Hi! I like #310 better! Однозначно! :slight_smile: The very great atmosphere! Very good colors! The robots look naturally in this environment! I’d like to see the ground a little flat and many more robots! And it’ll GREAT! :slight_smile:


serdioKomic, bne[/b], stormnight
Thank you for crit!!! I’ll change bottom part, and’ll make it more intresting! :slight_smile: First comp. test was wrong from perspective position :(! But I hope U’ll like final :)!


Thank you!!! I’ll change bottom part absolutely! :slight_smile: I hope U’ll like it :)!


P.S. I’ll change bottom part, and 'll add some detailes to top part! :slight_smile:


More Robots! :slight_smile:


Ok, I 'll add more robots at background, And 'll make central robot bigger & with banner!
Хорошо, добавлю роботов сзади, и сделаю центрального робота больше и ему на спину повешу знамя :)!


very cool modeling ! but your latest composition has too many space in the middle , do you plan to add anything? if not , try to lower down your ship , or shrink image size down in vertical a bit , and haa I want more robot!:bounce::bounce: very good model I have seen this challenge!:buttrock: