Spectacular 3D Entry: Roman Shcherbakov


Thank you, Ali!:slight_smile:


Only test, but in final I’ll do smth like it…


great and complex machinery,would love to seea more dramatic angle in the final.Very good job so far


Thank you! I’ll make camera angle more extremal! :slight_smile:


Looking good dude.Would love tp see all in scene.


I like that bloody-sunset-light a lot! It should make the final really dramatic too! :thumbsup:


I like the reflection on the machine skin, really nice blending to background!:slight_smile:


Вау :slight_smile: Слов нет - как все отлично…вернее есть но они чисто русские выражения восторга :slight_smile:


Thank you!!! You’ll see it :)!

Thank you! Sunset - my favorit sky condition! :slight_smile: I’ll try to make nice final :)!
Thank you!!! :slight_smile: I tried to make it pleasant for view :)!

Max 234666 cccp

Thank you!
Пасиб! :slight_smile: Надеюсь дальше еще больше понравиться :)!



I prefer your 3d work than your drawings!:stuck_out_tongue:

Good work
Keep up the good work:thumbsup:



hiya BobbEr
excellent texturing there mate!
cheers and waiting for more!


Hello! Yes, my draws are awful, I know it :)! I’m glad you like my 3d :)! I hope You’ll like Final picture! :slight_smile:

Thank you, friend! I tryied to make textures as good as modeling :)!


Hey man! this is fantastic! Great design and idea! :applause:

Last pic looks great, I know it is only test, but fantastic. Great details too.
Keep great working! :thumbsup:


I made some changes in tank :)! C&C Welcome


yes that’s much better :thumbsup:


Thank you!!! I hope U’ll like final more, than this test!!! I’ll try to make it cool! :slight_smile:
Thank you! I tried to make it better :)!


Nice little tank design,little sqaurish but cool non the less.Does it get any weapons?


Thank you! It has weapon! Tube inside the canon is special weapon, that fires with powerful light flash! :slight_smile:


powerful light flash!

that sounds good! I like tank, great design :thumbsup:


Interesting idea you have.