Spectacular 3D Entry: Roman Shcherbakov


Thank you!!! I 'm glad you like it :)! Be ready for more ;)!


damnit,look at that! this is HEAAAVYY!man,very great modelling and texturing,i loved it!:thumbsup:


Very cool rendering and texturing. Like it allot. Cool atmosphere 2.


мне как раз этот агрегат нравится ! если есть время что-то менять - я бы изменил того человекоподобного робота !
Just this unit is pleasant to me! If there is time something to change - I would change that humanoid robot!


good work .hmmmmmm.will come back 2 see the updates.:thumbsup:


Hi! That’s looking creat! I really like it! I follow your thread! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


C&C Welcome!


Thank you!!! I’m trying! :slight_smile:


Sergey Banityuk
Thank you! I have time, But it’ll be very little in final image! And in this challenge originality means very much, I think it is ok.

Время есть, но это всего лишь туча солдат в финальной картинке, к тому же здесь приветствуеться оригинальность :). Думаю покатит :).Лучше с бекграундом поработаю получше :).


Thank you!!! I’m trying with updates :)!


Thanx! I’ll try to do my best :)!


Nice render dude.Keep up the good work.


looks pretty, waiting for more :slight_smile:


Ïðÿìî ñòàðêðàôò, ñèëà, ìîùü!


Thank you!

Thanx! U’ll see more next time :)!

Lavlinsky Egor
Thank you! StarCraft is really my favorite game :)!


highly detailed work dude.you sure are for real.all the very best


I finished soldier texturing! C&c welcome! Now I’ll start really spectacular thing!


Maybe you’ll add some dirt (scratches) with masks?


Maybe I’ll add, but it;ll be many soldiers, and it’s size will be very little… but if I’ll have enough time, I’ll add! Thank you for crit!


oh, right, I forgot that there will be the whole army :slight_smile:


Maybe add’s some dirt on lags.

Keep up the good work.


Yes!! I hope it 'll be spectacular!


I can’t becouse of scene size, detailed texture are not for my computer But it 'll be whole army there!!! :slight_smile:


good job! keep it up,Roman!:thumbsup: