Spectacular 3D Entry: Roman Shcherbakov


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thanx! I 'll try to make a surprise with environment :)!


Your ship is looking good.


Crazy modeling you have there… Good work. I cant wait to see the final composition




Thank you!


Thank you!!! I hope final image will be cool :), I’ll try do that :).


Great detail very even, I think it really brings the ship together. :deal:


wohohow! look at that,i wonder why all of u Russian guys,have something inside,thats about to model big,huge,and nicely detailed mechanical stuff! that is one good point! man,the ship is lookin really gud!:smiley:


This is probably the most impressive modeling I’ve seen in this challenge so far. I am speechless:)


Thanx! :slight_smile:

Thank you! We, russians like mechanic! :slight_smile: I do not know why, may be becouse of our mentality :)?

Thank you!! I’m pleased :).

Next time I’ll post new technic, update ship textures & composition test ;)!


great modelong & texturing man!!!:thumbsup:
waiting for more…
good luck…


what the hell, crazy detail,texturing is also crazy detailed,good luck man:eek::eek::eek::bounce::bounce:


it’s heavy :thumbsup:


I returned to my robot And I think he needs hand I added one hand (then I 'll add the second)… I hope you like it :slight_smile:


Yes, u right, he need hands. :slight_smile: It looks better with them.


very cool mechanic design in this challenge! good job so far man! and yes give him more hand and arm?


Thank you!!! I’ll add arm & hand :)!


Little bit ridiculous robot. Reminds a fantasy 80.


update, with arm & hands now…


Waiting for textures. :slight_smile:


Правильно сделал что руки добавил - лучше смотриться теперь - просто более привычно :slight_smile:


Sergey Banityuk
maybe, but I’m trying to keep style
U’ll see iy ;)!
Max 234666 cccp
Ага так лучше, ты прав :).