Spectacular 3D Entry: Roman Shcherbakov


Nice texturing there dude.Keep it up and good luck.


Oh I was out of this thread two days, and so many comments! Thank you very much!!!

bne, rattlesnake, SONIC -X[/b]

Thank you!!!

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Thank you!!! I’m glad you like textures!!! It was problem for me at the beggining!


I 'll try to make it before the end ;)!

Кароче думаю успею, все силы приложу :).


Thank you!!! I hope lightning will be cool! :slight_smile: I’ll try! :beer:

Ultemate, Max 234666 cccp

Спасибо за поддержку :)!


Update! C&C welcome!!! Environment comes next ;)!!!


maybe you can try to add some text textures? You know, like “BAY 4”, “Land here” or smth. :slight_smile:


Thank you!!! Of course I’ll add more simbols and text!!! This is only base :).


waiting for more then :bounce:


wow that awesome man! the most detail machine render I ever seen! great stuff !:thumbsup:


yiatch…really…spectacular ! awesome mod and texturing. :banghead:


Here it is the machine! Well done ! cool !


Ok, you’ll see update soon :wink:
Thanx! I’m trying :). U’ll see more details in the end :)!
Thank you!!! I’m glad it matches challenge idea :slight_smile:
Sergey Banityuk
Thanx! :beer:


little update - only test :slight_smile:


The texturing and modeling looks very impressive. Very interresting detail and concept. Will be waiting for more updates.


Thank you, I think it 'll be better with every update :slight_smile:


Очень хорошие текстуры - молодчина ! Ждем окружения и другие модели


Amazing texture job ! Great Roman !


Wow! very nice detil man.totally awsome!:thumbsup:


Max 234666 cccp

Пасиб, окружение скоро начну готовить :).


Thank you! :slight_smile:




Whole background texture complete, now only texture detailes :slight_smile:


WOW:eek: totally awsome!:thumbsup: good luck


This is present - monster. And you also. :slight_smile:

Это настоящий монстр. И ты тоже.