Spectacular 3D Entry: Roman Shcherbakov


Thank you! Your word are very plesant for me! I’ll try to make good texturing & good lighting!!! Good luck you too!

Thank you! I’ll try with final! You’ll see it!

Max 234666 cccp

Там есть базовая фоновая текстура, просто ее плохо видно, это набросок основного материала, без подробностей :). Потом там стеклышки покрашу, листы метала будут. и.т.д. А это тест просто :).


Your ship looks very good dude.


Greate modeling.Very nice detail.:thumbsup:


I started ship texturing, not all parts textured, this is only beggining :^)!


Thank you!!!:beer:


Thank you!!! :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it :)!


hey, cool start for textures!


Textures update :>) C&C welcome :)!


Omg this is insane detail, maybe a bit to boxy, but this is stylish.

karoche nu i ty dajosh!
Tolka neastanavlivaijsia!


Thanx, I’m trying! :slight_smile:

Thank you!
Нет, я не остановлюсь! Раз уж взялся :)!


looks awesome :eek:


detail work on this is really impresive dude!, just cant believe the amount of detail…all is perfectly done!:eek::applause:


hiya BobbEr
the texturing is coming as good as the modeling man! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ! … impressive detail there!


Great job on the texturing, u rock dude :wink:


wowwwwww ! ! ! crazy stuff on the tuxture :twisted:


Nice work with texturing a high detailed model like this.Looking forward for more updates man:scream:


Looks great my friend! :thumbsup:


Great modeling there, and now with the texture it’s looking very impressive:thumbsup: This rocks!


Классно…!! Мегакульно - молодец!


Modeling on height. But when will be an encirclement. Well and scene itself. Time certainly else there is. BUT ALSO it not rubber.

Моделинг на высоте. А когда будет окружение. Ну и сама сцена. Время конечно еще есть. НО и оно не резиновое.


izvini, dolho otsutstvoval - zanet byl 4erezmerno :frowning:
Ooo, da tut 4ego tvoritsa-to! Nu daesh, super!
O4en detalno i s lubovju :wink:
4to skazat - po modelirovaneu i ne4ego, ved otli4no, a vot interesno lightning i envir.
Zdu-s, uda4i!!