Spectacular 3D Entry: Roman Shcherbakov


Max 234666 cccp - thank you! :slight_smile:

bne[/b] - Thank you! I’ll add objects! :slight_smile:


Sun city warriors…
Strong and courageous people live in the ‘Sun city’,they are the best from earthling. They struggle against enemies using thier weapons:
Powerful photon tank, operated robots, and huge aero-space ships.
Now they destroyed enemies from far constellation. But it is a pity, that in hot struggle people couldn’t recognize their brothers humans…
It was my first CG challenge! And it was really cool! I’d like to thank everybody who supported me during this challenge!
Aspecialy thanx to:
Stepan a.k.a. bne[/b]
Danny a.k.a. 3d-empire
Artemiy a.k.a. Ultemate
Maxim a.k.a Max234666cccp
[color=white]Monsit a.k.a monsitj[/color]
Ali a.k.a. Madlight_1988
Good luck to everyone!


:beer: :beer::beer: CONGRATULATIONS
Hope to see you in the next challenge



Thank you!!! I hope to see u in the next challenge too! :slight_smile:

I uploaded tiff! :slight_smile: This is done!:cool:


congratulation man! very good job ! you are the great modeler ! and lighting rendering is awesome too! good luck! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::bounce:


Молодец Роман - достоинная такого конкурса !


Congrats!!! :beer: :beer: :beer:

Great job my friend. :thumbsup:


very good work and so exiting one.I like your modeling and rendering.:thumbsup: good luck.


Thank you, friends! I hope to see you in the next challenge!

monsitj Thank you!!! Good luck to you too! :slight_smile: Your entry is very cool! :beer:

Max 234666 cccp Thanx!

Ultemate Thank you my friend!

Fredy thanx! Good luck to you too! :slight_smile:


http://img464.imageshack.us/my.php?image=closeup2sy.jpg - here u can see Hi - res. :slight_smile:


Hi Roman! Congratulations on your final image! I wish you good luck and success! :slight_smile:


Congrats on the final image BobbEr.

Very very nice level of detail!!
Nice one!:thumbsup:
Good luck


Thank you, friend! :slight_smile: Good luck to you with your entry!

Thank you for support! Good luck to you too! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Man! simply amazing! I love your modeling. :applause:Well & truly spectacular work. Good luck with the judging! :deal: I honestly believe this should be in the top 5.


Thank you for support!!! :beer:


Good models, especially those which fly! :thumbsup:
Good luck !


i always respect russian and eastern weapons , but i realy whish these don’t come to reality …
complicated and impressive design and compositing:thumbsup:


Sergey Banityuk
Thank you for support!!! Ship was my favorit model here too! :beer:
Thank you! I’m Glad you like russian weapon, but this is abstract weapons! :slight_smile: I prefer fantasy more than reality :)!


Hey, I love your work, is wonderfull.

I post here because I think you need repair some in your draw… if you see in the right side, on the floor you put a weapon (o some like this) and this is very cleanThe tanks and warrior armors are very dirty in comparison with this weapon, and the composition to make know that the fellowship is walking in the desert and they are new in this area, but the weapon in the floor was abandonated long time ago, so, his cleaning is fake, doesnot look god. If you can to fik taht you give more realism to your work.

Any way is a little critic or advice, because you work is impressive and striking. I hope someday make some like this.

Good luck :thumbsup: i hope you win

PD: sorry for my bad english


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