Spectacular 3D Entry: Roman Shcherbakov


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Latest Update: Final Image: Sun city warriors

Sun city warriors…
Strong and courageous people live in the ‘Sun city’,they are the best from earthling. They struggle against enemies using thier weapons:
Powerful photon tank, operated robots, and huge aero-space ships.
Now they destroyed enemies from far constellation. But it is a pity, that in hot struggle people couldn’t recognize their brothers humans…
It was my first CG challenge! And it was really cool! I’d like to thank everybody who supported me during this challenge!
Aspecialy thanx to:
Stepan a.k.a. bne[/b]
Danny a.k.a. 3d-empire
Artemiy a.k.a. Ultemate
Maxim a.k.a Max234666cccp
Monsit a.k.a monsitj
[color=white]Ali a.k.a. Madlight_1988[/color]
Good luck to everyone!


Good luck friend! :thumbsup:



do the best :thumbsup:


Hi all!!! This is my concept! Idea is that union earth forces go for the last battle.
3D will be better, I’m not good 2d artist :wink: .


Thank you friend! Good luck you too :).

I’ll try to do my best ;)!


This is my first 3d step - tank cannon.


Hey Roman,
The tank cannon has lots of little details, its looking good.


maybe to many small details? But I like overall style for now :slight_smile:


little tank update


I finished tank geometry :-).


I come very much from the 2d world and find 3d to be a big challenge, you seem to be the opposite, you jump right into the 3d, that is awesome. I have to spend hours/days sketching and drawing every detail before I even think about modeling or I’ll not get what I “see”. So awesome job! Totally impressed!


Nice modeling! :thumbsup:
May be need to add more realism? And make body more clumpy?
Keep it up!:slight_smile:


Thank you for comments.

It is special style, but I’ll try to make it more realistic!


How exactly does that cannon fire? I mean, that pipe in the barrel gets a bit in the way doesn’t it? :slight_smile:


this is light photon canon it fires with this pipe into canon:
Pipe gets photons, and makes powerful flash that burns enemies.


I began starship canon modeling


Wow, all your models look mighty fine…:slight_smile:


this os not complete staership.


Hi there BobbEr!
Klasnyj u teba stil’ - takoj retro 4to li… Originalno. Tank dejstvitelno interesnyj.
Ja sozaleu, 4to v etot raz ne mogu u4avstvovat v konkurse: stolko del, 4to nikak ;(
Zhelau uspehov, budu pogladyvat’ na tvoi updates!
Sovetom pomogu esli 4to


Excellent work, but do not hurry up! Give more attention to details