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The idea is simple. Some primates running away from a big T-Rex. For my taste this is an espectacular scene.
I will give my best.

Good luck for all and i hope see some coments.


Godzilla goes stoneage, nice!


I like that idea, humans being chased by a giant T-rex. This is going to be good :slight_smile:



Here is the T-Rex modeling. It’s not finished yet but for one day I think it’s pretty good.


Hi dude.

Well I hope to spend some time with you here and it would be cool if you spend some of your time with me manno,cos I also plane to make a scene involving dinosaurs.

Now,for the start,i dont know what you are up to,are you making a funny scene or you intend to create dramatic scene that looks real,or mixture of two things mentioned.

I see you already started modelling.
looks clean.For one day modeling not bad at all.:slight_smile: But dont want to comment till you ask for comments,or till you say it is finished.So seeya pal.


Hi Damir. Dinosaurs are awsome, they are spectacular. So, I will see your post too.

I don’t know if my scene is so original but you are right, I want to mix a funny scene with a dramatic action. I do not started the primate model, but I will try something diferent from real.

I’m not sure about the texture of T-Rex, I will try to make simple things, just a good texture, bump and specular.
Well, we have a lot of work here.

Cya. :thumbsup:


hey hey looking good man… not bad modeling job u did there… i thik this could be really good… but one thing bothering me is there were no human in the age of dinosours not even premitiv humans… just to let u know… anyways lets c what u do with this… good luck mate :thumbsup:


Oh The T-Rex model’s turning out very good even at this stage. Awesome work. Can’twait to see it fully textured!


T-rex…isnt it funny how something so fierce has itty bitty arms lol. Good start so far, cant wait to see the rest.


nice t-rex, but are you going to make him fluffy with feathers? it would be very different from all the other t-rexs ever made and probably more accurate too.

check out this link about fluffy dinos http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,2087-1764136,00.html


Wow, thats nice, good modeling… me like :slight_smile:


omg! That’s terrible. Please don’t go there banzato :slight_smile:


Hi Rodrigo. good luck for you too!


overcontrast Hey, I didn’t know that. But I took some books and sites to study a litle. But i think I can show this scene, some poor guys against a T-Rex.

Yongkiat Hi man, actualy the final model is practically the same, I want to use a displacement map and a good hi texture. I’m refining the texture, so i prefer show when it’s finished.

Kid Mesh Thanks man, good that you like that. I always wanted to make a T-Rex.

archerx tks, feathers? Why a walk predator have feathers? I’don´t want that but thanks for the link.

eYadNesS Thanks

PizzasRgooD Alright Pizzas, keep watching

ziriguidum Tks.

Well, in some minuts I’ll post a new model, hope you like.


Well, after thinking in some kind of primative, after sketching some cartoon style, some real style, etc. I decide to make an real and expressive Australopithecus. He is the first one in the human evolution, I discovery some interesting information like: The male have 2 times more biger than the woman, the year is 4,5 milhion years ago and they were not tall. Before he, we have the Ramapithecus, but is so like a gorila and I don´t want that.

I’m doing the textures and placing the characters in the scenario. Let me finish this to show you.

Thanks for coments.


hi banzato

nice concept! i dig the way u present the modeling progress! very helpfull! and good modeling!keep it up!:thumbsup:


nice characters!! How are you’ll make the hair/fur? Mental Ray hair and fur? Shag? Ornatrix?


hi! nice to see you here again! nice start man! good luck and have fun!


yunisirees Thanks man. Keep here and you will see a lot of work progress. :thumbsup:

ziriguidum That’s a big problem for me, I will use mental ray in my scene so I can not use shaghair, but wait, I can render shag hair in an defout render so I can make a composition. This is an idea but I will make one good texture with fur, aplying bump. Let’s see.

monsitj Hello man, nice to see you too. Have a great job.