Spectacular 3D Entry: Rishikesh Nandlaskar


Good Concept. Keep up the good work, which I know u would.



still working on the model sheets.will submit them soon.


Haha cool scene man ! The sketch is really dynamic and powerful, i’d love to see this idea evolve in 3D !

Good luck :thumbsup:


hi everyone.Atlast got time to start modeling.This is the Initial stage of the cowboy kid’s face modeling.


good modeling skills there!:thumbsup: keep up the good work!
cheers man!


wow, impressive modeling start, topology is veery nice.


thks uiron.


Lovely idea rishi… grt stuff …best of luck… bro!


what a different concept! run away from dragons ans spacefights!
the model is well done, I´m looking for more!



What a Concept. Nice CUBISIS. :thumbsup:

I like the sketch.
go go go.

xbo :scream:


thks everyone for encouraging me to work more hard.


excellent modelling so far - keep it up!


look a very nice face and accurate polygons work ! congrats!


hi everyone.next update would be on the upper torso


Nice Work…
Really like the Concept…:bounce: “Great it Would Be To See The FINAL OUTPUT”:bounce:


Do I need to say that its gr888888888888888888 Cubisis…after soooo many people had said it :smiley: lol
real koool stuff man…a kid doing spectacular thing like that…its really spectacular, being such a simple idea…gr88888888 :smiley:
simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve…and u have done it so far !!!
gr8 gr8 gr8 gr8 gr8 gr88888888888 :D:D:D

Sachin S. Suryawanshi.


Very beautiful face… congrats :applause:


update is coming up soon.


Cool sketch and a great model head you have there!


pretty good for the initial stage! Some minor topology flaws are there, but I’m sure you know about them. Great work! Good Luck!