Spectacular 3D Entry: Rishikesh Nandlaskar


GREAT ! I just love this image man, in fact i loved your way of work during this contest, the drawing of beginning was a solid base and you achieve it perfectly !

Spectacular ! :thumbsup:


thks cipher and rao_b for replying :thumbsup:


Don’t thank us, You’ve done an amazing job by yourself !

You’re an artist not a wannabe artist !
Thanks for this great image !


so kind of u to say that gpepper ,but can’t stop thanking people like u.


Wow man… your work is just outstanding, how could I’ve just miss it, damn.
I wish you the best of luck CUBISIS.


thks claudio jordao.:slight_smile:


I realy like this one, really nice work.

Everything is fine with me, i really like this style.



hey thks digital amigos:bounce:


Hi Cubisis!! gee nice picture you’ve done, it’s very dynamic and has a lot of energy :bounce: . I love those expressions you did on the guy and the bull. Great job man, congratulations and of course I wish you the best with it for the final judging. :thumbsup:
See ya another time! :slight_smile: :cool:


thks for the best wishes thierry2005 and best of luck to u 2.:thumbsup:


Hey Rishikesh, Amazing work mate. Textures, render, really an impressive work. CONGRATULATIONS and good luck to you. :applause:


thks very much denverbz for the appreciation.u 2 have done a good job buddy.best of luck.:thumbsup:


times up guys and gals. now best of luck to all for judging.:thumbsup:


Congrats for the final !
Good luck!!!


Jhakaas work, yaar! solid composition, absolutely brilliant! 5 stars + :deal: Hope this will impress the judges too.


THKS Adel3d and Digitalrebellion for the compliments.:thumbsup:


waiting for christmas and judging :bounce:


Holy Shit thats amazing work man … you are reaching newer limits of ur talent this is the most outstanding work i have seen from u man… I am speechless of the quality and the mood of that thing man its truly a master piece…right from the sketch to the finish thing…I am hoping u win then u would have ur own boxx machine…hahaha u know what i mean.

sujay karmakar


Holy Cows! :eek:

It turn out just Amazing man!
Glad you make it to the end too my friend! :thumbsup:
You sure have a prize comming in your way man. :wise:


Hey, This’ some seriously good shit!
Very nice work man…congrats…

well… had heard of you,from Sachin,when you made that Wolverine.
this time i think you’ve reached a new height…good work!

keep it up dude,