Spectacular 3D Entry: Rishikesh Nandlaskar


very nicely done…been following this from the start and i think its a really nice finish!!..all the best!!


Hey Dude Rishi…that is Spectacular…:bounce: :buttrock:
Love your finish…and style…Awesome…Amazing…
Jus keep on rocking…


Hey congratulations CUBISIS.

It’s really an awesome piece of art , truely spectacular…:eek:
Everything is perfect from the beginning to the end…:bowdown:

Congratulations again and best wishes for the judging…:slight_smile:


Congrats on finishing your picuture. Impressive.


:applause: a wonderful image, congrats Rishikesh… the light an mood is fantastic and the dynamism of your figure is really awersome !!


:wavey: congratulate! great job CUBISIS, good luck by judging:thumbsup:


A real Masterpiece Rishikesh… applause for you mate… perfect image, in the same time very strong and very sensitive… good blend mate… I simply love your image :thumbsup:

:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


congrats cool final :bounce:


First thks to my parents,my younger bro and my fiancé Prajakta for supporting me till my last submission of this challenge.

A very special thks to my office friends –Indraneel,Jason,Sachin.S,Shirish,Anna,Anuj

who all also supported me till my last submission.:bounce:

I also thank to all my cgtalk friends for all the true appreciation, suggestions and critiques which helped me grow more as an 3dartist in these 3months.-:bounce: :bounce:







The_fgdf,Tuck and many more


[color=yellow]BEST OF LUCK TO ALL MY CGTALK FRIENDS.[/color]


Rishikesh, congratulations for your job:) Interesting and original:thumbsup: Good luck!!


Whoah!!! It seems like that bull is charging at me …livewire action…fantastic Rishi, u’ve finally made a brilliant composition. It has come along beautifully. The emotions can be witnessed effortlessly.
P.S.: My son just whooped…and said Awesome Mamma, is it real!! And coincidently his name is Rishi too


Wow the models looks so nice and dynamic, textures fits so perfect, but the lighting looks so strange, like in studio, not outside, and why that low rez sky in back, it ruins everything, there would help dof to blur the back…:shrug:

Anyway congrats with finished peace.:applause:


the colors,light and the background are intentional as i wanted the theme to be dusty and grainy except the focussed models.Any ways thks for the appreciation and suggestion.:cool:


:applause: :applause: :applause: Congratulations:applause: :applause: :applause: for your master piece:). Looks fantastic Dude:thumbsup: again congrats and :beer:


thks madshooter :thumbsup:


you did a [color=cyan]spectacular image…[/color] :applause:


hey makaron thank u very much for the appreciation:bounce:


Wonderful! This turned out great, congrats and good luck :thumbsup:


thks gunilla updating ur views.:thumbsup:


hey CUBISIS… congrats and wish you GOOD luck…