Spectacular 3D Entry: Rishikesh Nandlaskar


awesome…superb angle and framing too… great job dude…i think it’s better not to add lens falre…it’s distrubing… and i can’t see the depth of field for fence… is just my thought…
overall looking great…


thks Madshooter and Rao_B for keeping in touch and encouraging me .:cool:


nothing to add, everything`s been said. just fantastic!!:applause:


:drool: Wonderful! But You may move the ox’s tail for another position because it seems that is in front of the pulse of the boy… (sorry my english)


• WWWWeeeeeHHHaaaa!! :scream: :bounce::bounce: almost there uh? Keep it up!


thats jus great man…the bull and the kid are amazing:thumbsup:


whatsup rishikesh!!! .The angle is perfect man, the overlapping tail and hand have the same colour tone, maybe you can change overlap or adjust the contrast.
This is honestly stunning ,absolutely fantastic . All the very best man,top work.


thks Zongo,DJ_Fleury,Climax,Melkao,JDSB for all the support.:thumbsup:


very nice up-date Rishikesh ! Nothing to crit…


Very good work mate!
Good POV
Impressive job.
Maybe the lens flare is too much here, just an idea;)


Thank god! Btw great image!:thumbsup:



Amazing !


The kids expression! The dynamic pose of the bull! The thunderhead gathering in the distance!
I agree about the wrist and tail crits and I would think the power and weight of the bull would throw up some dust but this is simply a beautiful rendering.
You are one kickass artist!



Cool nice coloring and texturing, you really captured the great movement of them… Che che I would like to see a kid on the big wild bull in reality :smiley:


This is coming very nice, your modeling skill for people is excellent!


thks jddog,funky boss,sergiokomic,gpepper,glenn23,crying horn, gwhite for appreciation.:bounce:


Really specatculer and original, i like the render style and color! :thumbsup:


My favorites Work:thumbsup:


You may use the goldem metric center.
If you put the face of the ox in the golden center (or the face of the boy in the oposity center) will still better.

(sorry my poor english) :frowning:


thks raul tabajara,adel3d,superxcm for the compliments.:thumbsup: