Spectacular 3D Entry: Rishikesh Nandlaskar


Good work, but in my opinion the “Dad” have to stay more one top, to make the curve more soft, like others curve. :thumbsup:

Sory for my bad english… :blush:


Great Modelling Man.love To See Ya Final Image.this Is My First Cg Contest.i Hope I Also Do Good.wish You Luck…


lighting of the cowboy and the bull


surprised.no c&c


:eek: I’m speechless dude, no crits, scene looks fantastic and yeah I pretty much like the lighting. Just waiting eagerly to see the env. with clouds and everything composited:bounce:


sorry I didnt crit cuz Iam not good at light setup :sad:


thks madshooter and best for keeping in touch .:thumbsup:


I’m back… :scream:

about the lighting… 2 feeling…

  • it appear very sweet… really good in the dust… a good choice
  • too much sweet under a hard light of an hot country…

2 differents mood possible… choice depend of the concept… anyway, the actual lighting give a very pleasant result… but maybe a lighting hardier can increase the action, and of course, increase the spectacular way… just my thoughts… maybe an idea… :slight_smile:


Really nice. The composition and lighting are top notch. I think that the bull’s face looks a bit “posed”, though. Just a feeling that he isn’t totally into the action. Maybe if he looked down, instead of off sowhere else?


Perfect! I like it very much, without maps is very good too. Most I like boy model, looks excellent. Good luck with this one :thumbsup:


thks dvelasco.rawwad,lemog for reviewing.

i am a bit more busy in my office work for last 10 days. will post very soon.best of luck 2 all.:thumbsup:


I think that this angle of the cowboy and the bull looks much more dynamic than the previous one .Want ur feedbacks …


Yes!! I love it. You rock man. This is by far one of the best images in the contest. Truely spectacular and awesome. :bounce:

I would take away the lens flare, or at least minimize it a tad.

By the way, the angle is perfect.



This is awesome in so many ways. I love the painterly feel to it.

Please take away the lens flare. Photographers cringe when people try to fake this very undesirable lens effect.


cool I like thst keep it up :thumbsup:


Perfect framing for me… a little bit more at left… very little…

and I’m okay with vrf remark about the lens flare… your masterpiece don’t need this kind of artefact :thumbsup:


Wow! This has come together extremely well - congrats!

The camera angle makes the scene even more dramatic - good job. I agreee with the others on loosing the lens flare. Wonderful work - good luck :thumbsup:


the facial expression on the young rodeo rider is just perfect, really looks like he is holding on for all he can… :bounce: the only thing I see, that the middle part of the fence look like a copy of the left part of it… maybe do something about that? otherwise just a spectacular image… :thumbsup:


hi thks everyone for the response.

Detached: thks

VRF: I will remove the lens effect in my final image.

The Best: thks

Lemog: thks buddy

Gunilla: I will remove the lens effect

Makaron: u r right the fence is a mirror but that is for just checking the composition quickly.
I will not include that in the final image. thks for the comments and critics.


Looks fantastic Dude:applause: No crits. Now just some finishing touchups of yours and then the final image:bounce: :bounce: