Spectacular 3D Entry: Rishikesh Nandlaskar


COOL man.
I admire bulls,very powerfull animals.:thumbsup:


Now it’s Fantastic mate …:bounce: :bounce::bounce::bounce:

Ps: nothing to crit hha hahaahaa :wink:


I like what you have done so far! My crits: his back legs look like they were shaved. I think the hair texture should extend to cover the back legs. Also, the protrusion coming from the ribcage of the bottom of the bull looks weird. I’m assuming that is its genitalia but I don’t think that this should be visible from the camera angle here.


Looking GREAT… good job man…


THKS dimitrisliatsos,maxter,air,visualact.com,gardogg,raob for all ur kind suggesstions and encouragement.:slight_smile:


Good work! It’s very dynamic posing and well executed. Congrats!:slight_smile:


Thks Thierry for the encouragement.:cool:


Hey, I Realy like rendering …and the color scheme…keep up good work dude…


jajaja excellent work, i like taht a lot, is just killing me. :drool:


THKS melkao,grycells for ur c&c.


You did very good image, congratulations :thumbsup:


Thks (o)ne:)


how did I miss this thread :cry: cool work keep it up :thumbsup:


the guidelines are the line of action and force arcs.the circles show how i want the image to be seen by the viewer.suprisingly the first circle is on the bull as our hero is the boy.but i want to show the huge,furious bull first with the guy performing the spectacular act.hope u all like my idea of compositig the cowboy and the bull.further compositing with he background will come soon.


Your picture catch our vision… good to appreciate your art Rishikesh… :thumbsup:


yeah yeah :bounce:


cool idea I like it keep it up :thumbsup:


excellent it looks so beutifull :bounce:


Great work so far!

Veeery good!


thks lemog, visualact, best, mranimator, sergiokomic for encouraging and helping me keep going.:bounce: