Spectacular 3D Entry: Rishikesh Nandlaskar


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Latest Update: Final Image: young rodeo


Rodeo means “The Real Cowboy”
Its a story of a boy whose passion was to ride on bulls back like his father.
I have tried to capture a spectacular frame of a young boy who is trained by his father to ride bulls.The boy’s father who is a pro in Rodeo events is amazed watching his son performing better than him at such a young age.


This is good going to be alot of work for you. My suggestion is to have a branding on the bull.


Can you please tell me what exactly did you mean by saying " have a branding".


Great sketch! Maybe go all out and have the boy standing. Good luck!


can anyone tell me how do i add an avtar above my username


updated concept with some colors.


updated concept with some colors.


Good concept. That’s gonna be hard to make it in 3d. Let’s see it :scream:


Excellent sketch man, especially liking the wizened cowboy looking on in the background. Good luck realising this in 3d, plenty of potential here methinks. :thumbsup:


gr8 skech man! love those colors… cant wait to see it in 3d… all the best… btw branding means the mark that is put on the skin of a bull usually using an red hot iron stamp


cool sketch!me also likes to see how the 3d will come out.i think it will be great! good luck!


Oh yessssssssss… original stuff here… congrats, very nice sketch with pleasant tones… good luck for continuation… :thumbsup:


Me Like the Style! :scream:

Original concept, love the feeling on it. :applause:


nice stuff man, I love the Idea, I would like to see this done exactly as the sketch! the compo is really nice in that sketch, good luck!:thumbsup:


What i mean by branding is to have a burn mark on the bull. It can have smoke coming of it. Also make the bull as savage as possible. Mabye with a few scars to indicate that this is one tought bull.


It`s a very nice sketch . Now just think about starting ur project .Goodluck …


Nice sketch and concept

good luck:thumbsup:


thks to all for the feed back on my concept .Helped me grow my confidence.


now working the model sheets.