Spectacular 3D Entry: Richard E. Suarez


some more modeling


going ahead with the body…!



Hi Nakary. what a sexy Jesus. i think you will need a lots of cloth simulation. good luck man … :thumbsup:


What a concept! Man! That really rocks. I love it :slight_smile: Thumbs up and best of luck. This has the potentials of a masterpiece :slight_smile:


Your concept is interesting and may be a little controversial. I think it all depends on the way you will visualize this. Good modeling so far. I’m curious to see what’s coming next.:slight_smile:



Hi guys, thank you so much for your coments.

The concept might be a little controversial for some yes, I am developing more the history about the image itself, and all that is going to help me define better the background, I am happy with that cause is making me study some more about real history and culture.

I hope I can post some updates soon…

Thank you and good luck to all…!!


Nice start man!
the mesh of the body this very clean one
i will be waching :thumbsup:

c ya


getting back to work on this piece.


Great modeling what software are u using? is poly modeling right?
Keep updating :thumbsup:


DanielKenobi, thanks for your coments, and yes is poly modeled, the mesh still need some fixup, specially on the neck and armpits, I would have some huge nail under them, that is the reason why I havent tweak them yet.

Lauro MX, thanks man, hope to see your updates soon too. Good luck!!


Hi, nice clean modeling :slight_smile:

Waiting to see how you will do thing from concept to the final pict
Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Interesting concept with that whole eye thing going on - curiously looking forward to see what happens next here.



It’s going to be really interesting to see where you take this - the sketch is great, very much mood and the concept really unique. The eye thing is spooky but exciting… keep going!


Hi there, thanks for your comments… really help.

I am glad I got some free time now, and I will be able to continue working on this image, lots of work to do.
Thnaks for the comments con the concept, i am still skeching som backgrounds and stuff, I hope to have something defined by the end of the week…

Thanks again and good luck everybody !


Hi there, this is an attempt to configure the background for my image… it is still on its basic level, but I will be developing it from here…

good luck to all…


Trying to get the background and surroundings to blend in…


:thumbsup: cool concept! and really good modelling,man keep it up,and im not going to make u worry,but this is only 26 days to go,thanx for dropping by in my thread!:slight_smile:


Thanks Ali, yeah you are right about the time, I have been too busy, but no worries… I always finish, and I am sure I am going to finish this image too…

Thank you man!.


Here I am trying a diferent approach for the background and camer angle.

Now I like better the idea I have for the location and environment, I hope I can get this done soon so I can keep modeling…

Thanks for visiting… :slight_smile:


Still messing around with the background, but I think I am going to stick to this one and start serious modeling, I like it much better than the previous ones…