Spectacular 3D Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


Ok cool ! nice texture ! even if it’s done in the old school way ! :thumbsup:


nice work buddy.keep it up.:bounce:


Hm… Bizzarre idea, and im not sure i really like the idea of space elephants on floating islands, but im sure you will pull it off superbly and prove me wrong :slight_smile:


What an awesome elephant you got there! Amazing in every aspects!


Burning elephant!


And now a burning elephant! Mais Oui!

I think you might actually be mad but nevertheless this thread is very entertaining. Oh, and the modelings bloody good too.

Keep up this Pythonesque insanity! :thumbsup:


cool burning elephant :thumbsup:


Interesting way for your elephant Olivier… :scream: :thumbsup:


Great work Reiv.
I was not really enjoyed seeing a ‘classic’ race scene… Now I know you merged the race into the sky, I’m quite interested in your project.


That’s hilarious man, thanks for that. :applause:

Great stuff so far, I look forward to see where this is going. Only 1300 base polygons, and looking so good… good job!


Wow reiv, what an amazing work mate, I just love your spaceship… and your background scene look awesome. Great job.


lovely stuff!!, love to wake up , come to work and see a burning elephant :smiley: :thumbsup:


OOoohh nice… starting to get interesting now!


Wow! Spectacular burning elephant! Very cool work, as always :thumbsup:


Great burning elephant.


lol the burning elephant… very strange things :scream:
Cool model and very impressive texture, superbe !


and i thought i was sick… lol… keep em coming mate :thumbsup:


Great! I like how the trunk and legs of the elephant seems to be eaten away by lava!!


The stuff is still waesome.


Ah oui c’est bien ça!

So elephants do burn on re-entry.
That’s really lucky, otherwise imagine how an elephant could fall on your head
just as you walk out the front door :smiley: