Spectacular 3D Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


Your inviroment looks pretty cool.


Hi guys, thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

It’s quite simple to make such an invironement: 3 shapes with noise modifier and good diplacement maps for the rocks, a plane for the layer of cloud and a slight fog to get everything looks fine. And 3 lights!
Here is the wire, as you can see its quite simple :wink:


The ship looks wonderful. Very nicely done, the flags rerally add something to it.

The environment you are doing looks alright. Something about the “rocks” makes them look fuzzy and not quite solid. I’m not sure what it is exactly.


I get the rocks… but I was refering to the sunset and the background and the ground clouds. Are you saying that you just projected that stuff from a photograph onto a 2d plane and rendered it that way?


Simple but efficient… for a beautiful background :thumbsup:


simple is beatyful :thumbsup: and your textures are top :beer: . speechless


Hey, nice background! The composition is looking good!


Nice work - its a bit too ‘fantasy’ for my liking, but its nice. As usual, the reiv masterclass in simplicity shows us that you dont need super detailed geometry to get good results!
I think you should check out some of Makoto Shinkai’s anime works such as ‘voice of a distant star’ and ‘The Place Promised in Our Early Days’. He does spectacular background work - especially ones involving dramatic, sunset skies. I think some bolder, more solid clouds would make this more dramatic.

Here are some examples of his work:


Love the colours Olivier. I have no doubt this will be one of ther best in there. Really like hte concept so far too!


Thanks for your comments guys.
I’m now modelling teh elephants, I’ll finish the backgroungd later.


Where the heck does an elephant come into a scene like this? Please explain!

Looking good so far - ive noticed from your models that you tend to rely on subdivision quite a lot! The base mesh for that elephant must be really simplistic and low poly.


An elephant ?
Did I miss something ?


Just the end of the trump :scream: hahahaha

Nice steps of elephant modeling Olivier… but why ? :slight_smile:


hey reiv good luck on that challenge , i know your stuff and I like your works your very talend I look forward to see your final image, see ya


This is a very nice elephant! But if his ears are large enough to fly…
I like everything I see so far and I’m curious of your further concept (and the elephant:) )



He it is. Manually unwraped and painted in PS (old school way :wink:


Very well done. The texture looks very realistic. (Old school rulz) I think you may use a lower amount of bump - cheers


Thanks for your comments guys. It’s an African elephant, not an Asian one, that’s why it has large ears. And indeed, it’s quite lowpoly, about 1300 polys without the meshsmooth modifier.

So, why an elephant? That’s quite hum… simple. As you may have seen before, there are rocks floating in the air. Higher in the sky, elephants live on floating continents, and, once all the 348 lunar months, the old males, commit suicide while jumping into space. That’s why we’ll see here elephants falling from the sky :slight_smile:


hehe … nice explanation! looking forwards to see where you take it :thumbsup:


you did a great job on the texturing… i also love the concept…

keep going mate!