Spectacular 3D Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


wonderfull job reiv…

keep it up !!


Great work on those flags - a nice touch!
You have certainly succeeded - it looks very elegant and fast.

Fantastic work so far


Well, you made a great work so far 'cause your ship seams to be fast and it looks pretty elegant :scream:

Really like this last update


Amazing ship… "Simplement abusé, je sais même plus écrire en anglais, c’est trop beau… :eek: "


Hi Oliver,

Original ship design… nice details

it looks luxurious and powerful… i like it:thumbsup:


Beautiful model and design, lovin’ every posting of it,hollA!:thumbsup:


Amazing is the first word that comes to mind when I look at your ship design. The flag touches are really really awesome. Can’t wait for updates:eek:


it is very elegant design after all! nice idea for the cloth, it’s a unique flare and really adds alot to the design.


Hi, here is a rendering test of the background, I’ve decided to make my scene somewhere in the air, this suits better the ship design. I also tryed with a ground but I didnt like that.


it’s great reiv … nice environment this scene will be amazing for sure :applause:


Dude you’re fast, those are some kickass shaders you got!

I’m watching!



Yes, looks great. :thumbsup:


the furthest rock-form looks like it’s too behind the clouds. unless it’s the size of the moon, it looks a little odd!


It looks like you lowered the opacity on those 2 rock forms! Did you do that on purpose? Lookin’ good so far Reiv, I’ll be back soon, holla!:thumbsup:


I really love it ! These flags behind give it a really cool look ! Elegant is the word, as you said before !


ัyou are very fast! and awesome test render , I like color!


Awesome stuff!


Is this background a painting? Or a photo? Is it projected onto a sphere?

Great job so far. Just wondering how some of this stuff is pulled off!


Very beautifull shot, I wondered how these things float in sky.
I like colors so much. Good luck.


Excellent, like the idea of a background in the sky… great test… i’m waiting to see more!! :bounce: