Spectacular 3D Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


Didn’t you know, his Pink Sugar girl will be the pilot:D .

Great work reiv, the motif’s definetly make this ship stand out amongst others. Being that there doesn’t seem to be any weapons (or im not noticing it) and the elegant designs on the ship, this is pretty much a futurictic luxury car, isnt it? Waitng for the enviroment.


This ship are very nice, with a little Nautilus look like !!! It’s a very fine texturing, and ornaments are a good idea ! :thumbsup:

But perhaps back ornaments (near the central reactor) are just a little so large…


• Great texturing Olivier! looks like u have one model less to finish! great 4 u :thumbsup:


Interested to see where you take this concept.

Good luck


It’s looking really ace man, can’t wait for updates.:bounce:


About ornaments, I don’t sure… It’s certainly good to have a kind of contrast between ornaments and the ship design, the disturbing thing is the scale, as we don’t have any reference about size for this vessel, that’s just give us by these motifs. 2 solutions for me, find another ornaments with adequation scale, or delete them. Good continuatiuon :thumbsup:


Excellent models and shaders here!

I am however going to agree with Lemog about the ornaments, they do actually mess with the perception of scale here, and combined with the very clean, soft shinyness of the materials involved, the entire vessel looks very small.


With the decorative stuff on the ship, the ship looks really classic and very cool looking. The texture and color works are also superb.


Very original design! Does it speed along water or air? I’m guessing water because of the thin.
It’s great to be able to visit a thread thats so developed already!


very nice ships and your metal shaders with these various defuse patterns are excellent well done.! :thumbsup:


I was going to wish you luck but you don’t look like you need it! :slight_smile:


Incredible stuff man ,you do nothin’ but amaze me, good luc k reiv!:thumbsup:


Great work olivier. Especially like the little “dorures”.
To crit a little (it’s so rare for one of your work :scream:), I think that the 3 “cylinders” on each side doesn’t seems really attach to the ship. Maybe because of the lighting or just because it needs some objects/textures when they collide with the ship. Well it’s a so little detail in a big great work.


Nice ship with nice rendering. Your work is amazing. I thought too that the ornaments looked a little bit weird, but I didn’t how to say it-the critics of other people are more clear than mines. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


hi reiv thats a super fine model! love the cool details in it… and unique texturing!


Niiiiiice, different ship concept! looks so great



Hi reiv

Well… nothing new: Great ship, nice ornaments on it! :smiley:
keep it going!


wow nice ship design :thumbsup:



very cool ship :eek:


Here its is(again…)
Thanks for your comments guys!
For those who asked, I completely did this design of the ship. My aim is to create something fast and elegant.