Spectacular 3D Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


Hello, it’s a very nice ship with a little organics form, I like it ! :thumbsup:

Reactors details are very fine and the ship texture are good and very shiny.

Good luck.

my spectacular link :


Nice ship. Though I’d thicken the “wings/fins” and fuselage a little (like in the back above the engines) and possibly have some harder edges (creases) around the engines. Organic is nice, but for realism might be worth looking into. Great job. Keep it up!


Thats looking really nice! I really like that.


nice, keen and fast… i like … on the way olivier…!


Man, your really starting to pimp this out…this ship is hot.

Subscribing…skills with the polies :buttrock:


very nice mats


The ship is looking wonderful. Reminds me alot of the Naboo ships from Episode 2…


elephants falling from the sky!! :applause: :bounce:
me loves that :slight_smile:


Extreem cool design!!


Good luck to you in the Challenge!
I love your style



extrelly nicelly done reiv… very pretty render too…:thumbsup:


This is a really nice render you’ve got going…
I haven’t even started thinking about materials with mine yet…
pretty impressive how much you’ve already gotten done!



For something that is not your style and speciality i congrats you, the beginning of the engine is very nice yet !

I think i’ll enjoy watching your wip :slight_smile:

Good luck !


you mean you aren’t making a girl?:smiley:
so far looking good.
good luck!


Dude, that model is looking pretty spectacular already! I love the metalic shaders, and the details on the engine. I can’t wait to see the enviroment modeled and textured, this is going to be a good one. Keep up the stellar work. Alexi.


Yikes, Olivier! That is very impressive already! You do know that you’ve got three months? Three whole months! Must I quit already? :eek:


Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:
Here it is again, almost finished. I’m not sure about the ornaments sizes, I’ve tryed different ones and these looks quite goog imho.


Wow! Ace work!
The ship design is really good. Kinda reminds me of a victorian vic viper (the ships from the gradius games)
I love the brassy metal texture and those little motifs work excellently. Really fast work too.
The only thing im not too keen on is the pink cockpit glass.

When you gonna start on the environment? Im sure that will turn out ace too


I liked the concept very much, just one complain… The looking of the new silver metal for the mover, and the antique look for the other parts… maybe a little dust over the mover can make whole plane from the same epoch…

EDIT: epoch = age… Sorry :smiley:


Veeeery well done! I like especially colors. I don’t know why but it reminds me of Flash Gordon movie …(or should I go to a shrink) :wink:


Amazing shaders for the ships and the motif give it a really nice style.
I’m subscribe, i’m waiting to see more.
Good work!!