Spectacular 3D Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


Magnifique, it’s really a great image.

C’est du Dali.


That looks soooo great! seems like I’d better quit mine!!


I love your style really original and beautiful!:applause:


Really impressive concept and very well executed!
It will be for sure in the top 5 for this contest.
Bonne chance.


Hi Olivier !

Congratulations ! the picture is gorgeous and the action scene is really spectacular.
Another masterpiece and I’m glad to have follow this from the beginning !

Congratulations again, best of luck for the judging and hope to see your next image very soon !


GOOD JOB!:thumbsup:


damn you!!
it is people like you that makes me hesitate from joining this contest…

kick ass… all respect. This is the most amazing homage to Dali, i’ve ever seen.


Your work is full of imagination.

hope you will win the prize one more time!:applause:


Hello Olivier, what a magnificent work you’ve done here mate. That is truly amazing. Good luck.


Good Luck reiv, holla!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Excellent work, great effects, and a very good idea… :applause: Congratulations!


The spaceship design is great. I love the banners on it and it’s details. Good stuff.


I just did slight corections on certain precise parts of the picture, only visible at high rez.


ooops dble post :shrug:


Qualëphantus are creatures that travel from a galaxy to an other, feeding on every life form they find. It’s been two days since they’ve reached this human colony. The shield of the city has collapsed. This ship is now the only remaining from the humans fleet, the last hope of this colony…


Thank you all for your support, comments and help during this challenge :thumbsup:
Good luck cgtalkers!



really nice job, crazy design, love it!!!:bowdown:


Même pas drôle comment tu déchires à chaque fois ! :argh:

Excellent boulot une fois de plus et bonne inspiration !
Félicitations !

:applause: :applause: :applause:


C’est beau, c’est tres beau ! :buttrock:

I’m falling in love with your image olivier, i love the mood in this pic and the design is very original, it was great to follow you on this one, i really hope you’ll get a good grade ! :applause:

Good luck for the next man :bounce:


This is a masterpiece. I like how the two central figures fill the whole composition now. The whole thing looks flawless and well done to me. You rock man!