Spectacular 3D Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


reminds me of what Dali might do if he were into 3d animation. The vibrant colors are nice. good luck to you.


Oh wow. This is beautiful - I love the colours and the composition, it looks wonderful. I am really, really impressed - just the way the city and the other “elephant” fade into the background, the almost stoic look in the elephants eyes - it’s all so perfect. Why have I not seen this thread before, heh.


Beautiful! nothing else to say! :thumbsup:


Exeptional work I must say.Love it lots.


exellent! truly spectacular one congrats


I must agree! This is spectacular in every way! :thumbsup:

Especially this very strange idea, falling elephant creatures :scream: , crazy but fantastic.
Good luck! :applause:


Reiv, this image is really wierd But very powerful, you are the truth, good luck with the final reiv!:thumbsup:


Qualëphantus are creatures that travel from a galaxy to an other, feeding on every life form they find. It’s been two days since they’ve reached this human colony. The shield of the city has collapsed. This ship is now the only remaining from the humans fleet, the last hope of this colony…


Thanks again ctgtalkers for your help during this challenge :thumbsup:
Here are pieces from the full rez picture :


Just awesome, as usual…:eek: :bounce: :thumbsup: :slight_smile:




hiya reiv …congrats on finshing this awesome image!:bounce: :bounce: ! cheers!


Hi Oliver!

I see you have finished! And… with a realy realy awesome Masterpiece!!
SALVADOR DALI would be very proud of this… i´m sure :wink:

Great luck to you with the judges my friend!
Cheers :beer: Alex


I wonder how’d they land :slight_smile:



très trés beau! bravo! there’s a magic one congrats!


I like design. also color mood.
Cool,original concept…GooD~~~

My spectacular



Very good result Oliver.

The colors are very good and cool modeling,.

not something you see every day, he he.


superbe !


Very strange and crazy idea, but actually turns out really well !
beautiful !
bravo !


Congratulations Olivier… really an awesome piece:applause:


i missed this post before ! very good work ! :slight_smile:
i like your composition and the colors (particularly original) :thumbsup: