Spectacular 3D Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


Good updates Olivier. Is really better now. Much more dinamic. :thumbsup:

Just a suggestion is to add a spaceship in the tentacles of the elephant in the background.

And a details you could improve more, is the city under the force field … to be sincerly I didn´t see the city until see the wips in the previous pages … hehehe
Maybe you could make various citys under a various force fields in all extension of the planet and not a only one force fields in all planet … like in Final Fantasy movie … :slight_smile:


Yop can’ t really see the city. Even when JR BRAZ was talking about it I still coulnd’t find it… I found it when I looked at your WIP.

I really like the color, the design of the spaceship, and the elephant look really good.
The way you’ve done his legs are great. It could have been easily messed up but you’ve done it perfectly:thumbsup:

Your pic reminds me one of the picture you can find in the Lama Blanc (comics from Bess and Jodorowsky) when the Lama Blanc is confronting a giant flying octopuss. The mood of the pic is really purple pinky as well in this pic.

Anyway your illustration look really nice. I love the idea of this elephant :buttrock:and the way you design it .



It’s looking loads better for sure. However, as well modelled and as nice as it is, does this image really need that ship…?

If you lose it (or perhaps move it more into the background) you’ve still got something spectacular but the balance of the image would be so much better. Just food for thought. :slight_smile:

Either way, great work. :thumbsup:


Thanks for your comments guys, It really helps me a lot.

Now the elephant’s taking the ship, this explains why they are so close. I’ve also worked on the background, adding details here and there.

Thanks again for your advices,


Hey olivier, your work here is damn good ! I love the color scheme and the dynamic of the scene, long time hadn’t seen your wipand i’m impressed to see how it evolved ! :thumbsup:

Keep it up the excellent work man !


Fantastic work!
I like the dynamics! Main characters are looking good now. Design of the ship is very original and it reminds me epic tales. I think the background needs more details (but not small stuff like birds and other). Maybe some more clouds on the sky and something instead of these planets.
But anyway, this is really spectacular work :thumbsup:
Good luck!


Really nice image. I really like the ship concept. Good luck


Wow. That’s really better now.
Great idea to play with the tentacules. Impressive like such a little modification make a so big improvement.


Nice update dude.I like your work,looking forward to more updates.


great as always in your works olivier. It reminds my in some extent on Salvador dali’s “elephants” with their long legs :smiley:


Hi there,
Thanks for your coments!
I’m trying here to improve the background. I’ve particularly worked on the city. I try to get something quite detailed but not too much, I mean pure and simple enough to keep the foreground visible.



vraiment impressionant !
very unique work, and the background looks very good out now (city details)…


I’ve worked again on the city, modified the flags of the ship, added a sort of ‘aura’ to the tentacles, and also modified little stuffs here and there. The final picture should really look like this one unless something really wrong is pointed out.



MAGICAL entry! Great Artistry Daliesque image!

(and I m realy jealous of your skills/artistry, in a good passionate way)

Id comment on some little things, but on a sureal image theres no point!


Sergio find the good word… Magical… really magical stuff… you have the power to create good things… you must be proud of you Olivier… imaginative, pleasant and powerful… it’s not only great… it’s spectacular… :arteest: good road mate :thumbsup:


WOW. Fantastic ! love that space ship !


looking great. :cool: one of my favorites :thumbsup:


the matte painting looks amazing and the way you made the city really inspires. Grea atmosphere, colors and movement :smiley:


looking great Oivier. I think you should push the variation on the background a ittle more. Possibly have it fade off more in the top left corner to a darkblue "spacey scene, with stars piecing through?! Maybe :stuck_out_tongue:
The foreground works so well.


Spectacular, magical, fantastic, amazing, surrealist … my deep respect to you Olivier, I really like your work …