Spectacular 3D Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


I don’t know if it really matters much, but one of the first things I noticed about this composition is the fact the the ship has its thrusters on full blast and its about 10 feet away from a very much intact elephant. If he is the last ship in the fleet he wont be for long. He might as well not waste his ammo and just spear the elephant with his ship. I’m not detracting from the fantastic work you’ve done here, its just something I noticed.

Very beautiful scene.:thumbsup:



Nice change ! :thumbsup:


Oh nooooo, Olivier Ponsonnet is here in the competition, poor humans, heheheheehheh.

Interesting and Dalian image.

Good luck


Interesting concept… very nice lighting. keep it up!


Somebody just broke their box!

An excellent design choice Olivier…

I hope you’ll eventually light the ship so we can see the details you crafted a little better…
Rock on:buttrock:


Gotta say this picture stirs my emotions, its really good. And it matches the brief for being Spectacular, well. The ship and elephant could do with being further apart though - like some of the other guys mentioned - or turn the thrusters off so it would be a ‘show down’.


Very interesting new concept.Your scene is looking cool .Want to see how this evolves.


I like the new orientation of your story… very good Olivier :thumbsup:


I didn’t sleep last night becouse of this monsta-elephant. … keep it up :wink:


Really cool change, like that concept, plus your lightning and colors are still so great.

Greatt man :applause:


Falling evil Elephants . Amazing. Perhaps, some of your synapses are a little bit twisted :twisted: . And I really love that.

Your work divides the opinions of the audience pretty much. And I think that should well made art do. All in all a wonderful work. Can’t wait for the final shot.

But I have some critics (was hard to find :wink: ): The ripples on the lower right part of the image is a little bit too strong. They’ve kept my whole attention when I saw your image for the first time.

You’ve got my first reply in this forum :thumbsup: .


Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:
I modified little things in the background, changed the lighting of the foreground, and detailed the elephant. I also changed the different the blast/fire stuff. Maybe the right flag of the ship is too strong… Anyway here it is :slight_smile:



Ya just love pink dont ya :wink:

I really like the colors here.
The lighting is pretty good now. I like the ship alot, I also like the elephant but those tentacles comming out of his body are a bit too wierd :eek:
I like the high saturation on this image but I think the top right (the backround) is a bit too saturated allready.
dont know if u plan to fill it more or not, but I think the backround is a bit too empty now.


Great job here! Now idea is really better and more understandable!!! Flag at ship is stylish!!! I like it!


Flags next to reactive by jet look not very. But in other respects - greatly it was pleased.


A picture full of originality and very pleasant… what ask more ? :thumbsup:


Woa, I just now noticed the underwater city. I think you should make the water more transparent so that the viewer can see the city easier. I completely missed it for the first 40 seconds of looking at the picture. Great scene so far! Not sure I like the growths on the elephant legs/tentacles though.


This is fantastic.I like every thing about this render.Great work.


reiv, I have just one thing to say… man… you’re crazy. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve got another thing to say, those ripples on the water don’t quite fit on the scale of your scene, they seem kind of strange, I guess.
I also think that you could have some clouds from which the space elephants would come out.

My friend, keep your great work.


hm, as I understood those are not water-ripples, but ripples on the shield that is securing the planet-surface of the attack from outer space-elefants.

a suggestion from my side, what about having a elefant-tentacle grab the ship, could make the scene more dramatic, since the ship is threatened as well and provide an explanation why this ship is not shooting from safe distance and upon everything provide a tag to jules vernes nautilus.

fantastic work however, my fav. so far.