Spectacular 3D Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


excellent work on that background! :thumbsup:



That will add some great depth to the scene, nice work on the displacement map…


The city works …
My question is if the resolution is really high, what about the city?
I mean we need to post the final image in a resolution near 4000X3000 in 300dpi… will the city look so right, even if it will be far behind?


Thanks guys for your comments.
I’m gonna try to make my picture more understandable, but hum I still don’t know how :rolleyes: .
Concerning the city at high rez, Its maps rez is 2000*2000 so I hope it will do the job :shrug:.



Wow Excellent envaironment…:eek: :eek:
You are Great artist Hope to see the other stages!:thumbsup:


Hi Oliver

I´m just visiting to take a look at your last update again :wink:
Realy great idea with the city… very inspiring!

Wait to see more!
Cheers :beer: Alex


[i]Magnifique tout ca…

[/i]Well I like alot the design, the modeling and the style but the idea :eek: attacking elephats in the sky… what kind of drugs do you use? :smiley:

Anyway great work :thumbsup:


I’ve tweaked the lighting to work whith the whole scene. I think it’s the finale lighting. Actually, my final picture will not be really different from this one. Hope ou’ll like it!


Hey there.
As a crit the ony thing I think is missing is the trees on the floating rock islands.
Or are you going to put cities there?

I preferred it without the shooting. It’s less cruel if the ellies just fall?
But now it makes me think of those classic arcade games,
when you have the fighter ship and shoot just about anything.

I love the warm colours, the yellows oranges and red streaks I think work really nicely.
Also the blues and the pink make a bit of simultaneous contrast?
Actually the red streaking flags make the spaceship for me.
You could try get some blues behind the flags it could look really great?

So the moral of the story must be?
Don’t let an old suicide elephant from outer space fall on your head?


Dang now that truly is spectacular! I think for lighting you could really use some specular/rim on the left side of your ship, since that’s where the light source seems toi be coming from. Also I find the foreground ellie’s right side to be a tad too dark.

Hope I helped!
Cheers man


This is really turning out to be a WEIRD scene! But I must admit that it is spectacular. I would be quite amazed if I saw elephants levitating! Beautiful scene so far. Not sure I know how to give you any critiques at this point…


This use of color is really great.
For the last update I would just say that the ripple are a little too strong/present to my mind. It hide a alittle the beautiful city you made and would be readable in a less amplitude.
:applause: for this picture.


But what is the emotive and story elements. I don’t get it, but it’s cool…


So the elephants are falling off the “island” and threatening the city? Looks completely awesome. Having trouble figuring out whats goin on though.



Very unusual scene you have, I must admit.


Hi there,
I agree that the story was not really clear with the previous pictures. I also understand that killing innocent elephants can shock people. So here is the new story: " The attack of the space elephants". :slight_smile:




Cheers Alex


These creatures feed on every living stuffs and are colonizing the whole galaxy.
They are attacking one of the last human city. Its shield is collapsing. This ship is the last of its fleet and also the last hope for people living here…

I’ll add few more elephants in the background and maybe also add a planet in the sky.


This makes more sense. Good update.


This looks really good but I feel that the molten lazer blast hitting the elephant looks too stagnant. It almost seems like they are connected…make it look like its giving some force where its hitting the elephant and have parts of the blast ricocheting off of him …maybe where you have the molten cracks in the rock have a nice firey volume effect coming out.