Spectacular 3D Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


Wow, modeling is great and the mapping is fantastic :thumbsup:


wahaha :smiley: Crazy !
I love this freaky idea :thumbsup:
Great work on the elephant


Nice stuff oliver, keep it up , loving the textures on the elephant, good luck guy!:thumbsup:


Awesome character as always Olivier , burning parts are really well done.

Update update :bounce:


Hi there,
Here’s a big update. Im trying here to put everything to gether, to get a nice composition. I’m going to fill the remaining empty spaces (particularly the lower right corner) with rocks and maybe birds (swans?). Or maybe building coming from through clouds…


Great job on texture ! Nice model !


Stay off the drugs! :eek:

Looks really nice, but i think the composition needs some ‘oomph’ - 2 elements motion blurred doesnt look as intresting as any of your earlier ideas, and to a new viewer, this may seem a bit bizzarre - like space poachers shooting floating elephants…
I love those colours though - especially the sky.


Nice colors and the fire and design of the spaceship look really cool. Must agree, though- the image is pretty confusing.


Hi Oliver,

at first, I love your work!!
and.. your concept 4 this challenge!!

But i have some doubts on your scene.. please forgive me :hmm:

Why shoud this ship fires at the Elefant?.. why are they falling down from the sky?.. where are they falling from?.. Is this Elefant evil?.. or is the pilot from the ship is just bad…

How about a rupturing planet planet above where the animals are falling down… and the ship is trying to avoid to crash into one of it… or something like that?!
Just a thought you are the boss

At the moment your scene has a lot of potential… but it looks also a bit confusing right now! But i´m sure you will make a great thing out of it!!

Crossing thumbs on this! keep up the awesome work!!
Cheers :beer: Alex


Hahahahaha!.. Great concept.

Maybe an elephant/aircraft collision in the background would look good.


• Nop, I am not drunk!..those are indeed flying elephants:wise:, hahaha, good concept, and you are already final efecting and compositing! great job! :beer:


For some weird reason this is one of the most disturbing pieces in the challenge… in a good way though… it managed to get feelings ranging from suprise to admiration in me… Great work…


Poor elephant!

Still, it’s something you definitely don’t see everyday! :smiley:


Don’t know if the directional blur is needed…
Seems strange to me…


Ha ha,. thats something you don’t see every day:thumbsup:

looks very good, a bit too much motion blur tho.

good work!


Oliver my man, I’m loving it. I think just like the great artists from our past your, new ideas, are controversial.

I think it’s an brilliant idea and I think you should stick with it. Once you’ve got other story elements in the backdrop it’ll communicate what’s going on better.

I like the composition idea, but I think there should be a greater distance between the elephant and the ship. The elephant looks like he won’t evaporate in time and will collide with the ship.



Thanks guys for you comment it’s really helpful :thumbsup: Concerning the distance between the ship and the elephant, I think the closer they are, the more spectacular it is. I mean it looks like its the final flight of the elephant and of the pilot too.
You’re right about the motion blur I’m going to reduce it. I’ll also make a city far on the ground. Anyway tahnks again for your crits.


Hi there!!
I’m still working on the background. I wanted to make a city above the cloud. It’s viewed from quite far that’s why I didn’t want to model each building. So I tryed this technic and it seems to work great :).
About the story : the ship on the previous picture is trying to disintegrate the elephants before they crash in the city.


Dammit reiv - you and your insanely high and complex poly counts!
Sheesh - you could remake the incredibles using a primitive sphere and make it look good!

Looking good so far. Im still a bit concerned about the whole ‘spaceship shooting elephant’ idea though. Strange or not, it will sure look nice :slight_smile:


Well olivier, it’s been a long time I saw your thread and it’s a huge progress. I really, really, really…love the environnement; Big sensation of high, beautiful colors…Nothing to crit.

Animal, spaceship, I had this in my spectacular but I can’t fight.

A little crit however. I had read all the thread (too much replies :scream:) and I think the concept is not understanble at the 1st sight. The concept of Elephant falling is great. Spaceship also; But the reason of the fact is firing him is more strange; Is it to destroy it before he crash on the land ??
Anyway it’s original and that’s something good.

A litlle thing to add, maybe the flagwould be interssant in another color just to detach them from the bg.

En tt cas bravo.