Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Hehehe…i am so happy u kick but$$ in every challenge…not that we didn’t know u would… :bounce:

Congrats Tai Powa!..hope to see u again in a challenge . Always a pleasure to see your work grow.



hello man!..an other great challenge …u kicked a lot of butts on this one…congratulations…and i hope we can meet again mate!:scream:


Congratulations my Friend:D:thumbsup:

I knew you would be on the podium (where else) :smiley: HA ha ha

Hope to see you soon & have fun.


Congratulations. Great image with fantastic colors and patterns. Great work.


Congrats Monsit!!:thumbsup:


Your work allways has been great and I am pleased to see u making your way up, Congratulations Monsit! :beer:


Congrats Monsit! Well deserved, I was wishing u even a better place, but nevertheless Im just happy that the jury noticed u, coz this time results r sooooo different from mine expectations. Best of luck for further challenges, hope to see u there as well :slight_smile:


Many thanks again for all of your supports ! I’m very glad and can’t wait to enter the next one , hope to see all of you , and have fun together again! see ya :bounce::slight_smile:


hey congrats buddy ! good work.you were always in my shortlist.I always hoped to get suggestions from you in the spectacular challenge but i think you must have missed my thread.we will surely meet in the next challenge.



Hi Mj,i belive u can do.Great work .Spectacular!:bowdown: CONGRATULATIONS:applause::applause:
Now I can’t wait to see what you’ll do in the next challenge.:cool: I’m looking forword to seeing your new work and will be support u,alway.:buttrock: Go Go see u friday OK.:beer: :drool:


Congratulations Dude great job and well deserved:applause: :applause: See ya in the next challenge my friend:)


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