Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Hi Monsit,

This image is really amazing! Just all-around beauty! Very inspiring!


Damn you! :scream: :scream::scream:

Congratulations my friend. Outstanding work of art :wink:


good god, very dynamic final render man, lots of movement and emotion there, modeling is fantastic, good job with texturing it too…all the best.


CONGRATULATIONS for the final Monsit…

Rarely I can see a project managed like that… fast and efficient… originality and quality…

All the good recipes are here, I don’t know how you can’t be at the top of the podium.

I have lot of respect for your skills my friend.

Best wishes for the final judging period, and thank you for sharing your art :thumbsup: :bowdown:


A really impressive and amazing piece of art:thumbsup: !

Congratulations for your finished work and all the best wishes!



It’s wonderful! Big Congratulations for finishing one more masterpiece :thumbsup:


good one, really nice:thumbsup:


truely magnificent and awe inspiring :cool:
as said by earlier comments… very dynamic, I love the sense of motion and struggle

congrats on a job well done!


A cery powrfull image, congrats amazing modelling and texture details… very impressed about your work :beer:


Romantic indeed!

I wish all the golden coins are plunged into my pocket. :smiley:


Wow, passionate theme, great work, i love this scene. CONGRATULATIONS and good luck :applause: :applause:


excellent! really a great image, good luck :buttrock:


Kabuki plays are about historical events, moral conflicts in love relationships and the like.
but it’s not the normal show,it’s the minute of dead , the assasination in “kabuki” show ,
the audience will enjoy the spectacularity of the performance,the wonderful costume,dramatic story,
but dont’t know that the assasination is real!
I try to represent the beauty of hundread-years old history performance,with the spectacularity event
behind it !


sorry to repost final again , after I sit down and look at it , I think the old one is too sharp , so I add more “bloom” effect to it , it very subtle ,but can notice that it softer , I reupload tif again , so i update the final jpeg too ,
many thanks for support !


Am i too late ?!

Dam:banghead: Monsit… why are you making it always looking sooo nice and perfect!
Your work is awesome!
Everything is in harmony with the environment. Lighting, textures, models… all perfect! and the mood of your pic is simply incredible.

I think you have a lot to teach us :Dhahaha

Congratulations my friend!
Cheers :beer: alex


wow cool new final :buttrock:


Looks great monsitj.


Monsit, great work and congratulations!:thumbsup:


Yea this work is realy amazing and skilled, it is looking so precise and finished, hats of… and congrats with finished peace!


Sorry, man I forgot to congradulate u on your entry, great stuff, dude, good luck with this image!:thumbsup: :applause: