Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


c.varenne : many thanks for comments ! about woman’s leg , I want her to act like unstable like she jump or fall , and I use asian woman’s leg as reference,so it’s look too cylindical:eek:
box and coin ,I will add motion blur to it , hope it’s works ! thanks again for visit and comments:bounce:

Gunilla : Hi gunilla! do you upload to ftp yet?
DimitrisLiatsos : thanks mate! maybe we have to talk about battlefield 2 , hehehe do you interested in counterstrike or warcraft??


Gunilla : Hi gunilla! do you upload to ftp yet?

Yes I have - it’s safely up and I can now spend the time cheering for others. :slight_smile:

Don’t be to late - the traffic close to last day can be awful and you don’t want to miss the deadline for that. Good luck for the final steps :thumbsup:


Well… at this step… your art can’t permit us to do many crits… maybe just for my taste, the hairs of the guy need more contrast… to appear a little bit less flat… and that all… and the worse… that’s I’m not really sure about that… :banghead: hahahahaahaha

Your picture is already fantastic… :thumbsup:


monsit this image is fantastic my only suggestion is maybe the eyes of the geisha…it could be maybe better if she looks in the direction of the man -eyes…:shrug: also the big finger of the left foot of the girls doesn’t looks very good it’s a little bit too flat or square…don’t pay too much attention at my crits it’s just small details the whole image is fantastic
for the sky …it looks great and the trees too maybe the color…if it was in autumn with an orange value ??


wow at every up-dates this image become more an more amazing… :wip: congrats !


many thanks for comments from all of you , I add motionblur to some part that have extream movement and sky adjust for seperate geisha face from cloud , and some post work in Ps , color gradient overlay to add richness of the color , some overlay-blur to add contrast , grain to break cg look, next will be post in Final imgae after I write the story with my poor english:> comments are also welcome for final final final one , :>


It looks much better with the darker sky and more contrasty dress. Amazing hair on the kabuki-chap!
One minor thing though - the womans feet bend quite strangely at the toes.


Now it looks Better:thumbsup: ! Darker sky is better! Maybe add some color contrast between light and shadow? For example ‘warm’ light and ‘cold’ shadows :). only little advice. I like the textures! This is photo or U painted them by yourself? Good luck with your entry!
Sorry my bad English.


Yet fantastic… I’m sure your final one will be SPECTACULAR…

little modifications are perfect for me… It’s now as I appreciate this picture…

I can already congratulate you Monsit… another incredible work… :thumbsup:



 You made it

and in turbo time
incredible!! !!

 This is realy a fantastic piece of Art you have created here.

Everything fits ! Just incredible-great!

 Congratulations my Friend!

Be right back :beer: Alex


It looks great :applause:

Fantastic (pre)final image :thumbsup:


Kabuki plays are about historical events, moral conflicts in love relationships and the like.
but it’s not the normal show,it’s the minute of dead , the assasination in “kabuki” show ,
the audience will enjoy the spectacularity of the performance,the wonderful costume,dramatic story,
but dont’t know that the assasination is real!
I try to represent the beauty of hundread-years old history performance,with the spectacularity event
behind it !


I have to thanks all of amazing people here who always give constructive comments , support , and have fun together from the past challenge until now ! and thanks cgsociety
for great challenge and great system that made learning environment a lot effective:thumbsup:
hope to see all of you soon in the next one :eek::bounce::bounce:
good luck and have fun, ! :applause::buttrock::beer:


First of all a big CONGRATULATIONS! for finishing , u have here an other amazing artwork, u have an amazing portfolio by now:buttrock:, and well this image is very very well done, u know is going straight to my favorite ones, youre going to do it great at voting im sure!


just had to stop and congratulate u for a very well finished piece. It goes to my private collection of 3d art on my hard disk.


Very well done piece. I’m impressed.



I like your image! And your story is great! I saw image from new side, when I read your story :)! Good luck with judges!!! Your image is my favorit here! :slight_smile:


congrats mate :thumbsup: very cool work



And now I’m sure , you are not human … :scream:
TURBO mode :eek: :eek: WOW Fantastic work Monsit as usual…

Best wishes for the judging


mwahaha guess we both made it mate lol awesome work what can i say:D