Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Can you kinda add some motion blur to those coin-like things? Just a thought :wink:


I’m always in “admirative mode” Monsit… managing 2 project like that at the end… I have a great respect for you, and also for your art :bowdown:


Looks great! The texture work is superb.
I think you need to do something with the composition though - its extremely busy at the moment and the eye doesnt know where to focus. The detail of the textures, combined with the geometry and overall sharpness makes it hard to make out at a glance. Try defocusing some areas, adding a vignette, some BG mist or dust and maybe alter the lighting so that shadows and sihlouettes will help seporate the characters from the background. Maybe change the sky too - the whiteness of the clouds ‘merge’ with the whiteness of the girls’ face.
Sorry to drop a big crit on you like that at this point in time, but i think the only problem with this right now is its sharpness and the busy-ness of the composition.


Greate texturing! Waiting for final! :slight_smile:


wow ! Beautiful! The cloths are amazing. Just love it !


(o)ne : thanks mate!:applause:
Versiden : thanks friend! your frog is my favourites too!:bounce:
gardogg ,rattlesnake,: thansk man!
nemirc : yes , sure , motion blur with add to some part that has strong movement
Lemog : haha , yes lemog , my job is 3d , but I alway like to paint 2d and I’m quiet new in 2d so it’s a good chance to have something to push me to make 2d image:bounce:
Andy H : yes , I agree with you ,and sky is already fix :thumbsup: I agree with light too , but I think my scene is come out in overcast sky , and I’ve try strong main light ,but it’s distract some texture , so I think I’ll go with it ! many many thanks andy for valuable suggestion!
BobbEr,maurodelia : thanks ,and good luck too!:thumbsup:


I understand well Monsit… I’ve planed this time to try to participate in the 2d challenge too… but really too much work actually… I can’t do more… I hope to try next time… :slight_smile:


Nice texturing and design, Im not sure how far you have gone with lighting or what rendering style you are aiming toward, but I feel the lighting lacks drama, and seeing as this peice has quite a bit of drama, you really want to show it off :slight_smile: perhaps look at tieing in the stormy sky into your lighting more, which might give you a bit more contrast in the scene. Another Thing is your skin shaders, although these characters wear make-up it would be nice to see a bit more depth to the skin even slightly. Maybe try making your wood a touch more glossy and your cloth have a bit of falloff toward the edges.

Other than that modelling, texturing and posing are all great!

PS : motion blur would work a treat on the coins/tokens especially!!!, but if you added it to the whole scene subtley it wouldnt hurt.

Keep up the great work! This is one of my fave works!!!


i like very much your modelinng style…is so much cool:thumbsup:


Awesome textures dude:thumbsup: Great job:bowdown:


absolutely beautiful.:bounce: nice concept.good luck na krub.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Exactly, how long is it taking you to render the final image out, Great image dude good luck!:thumbsup:


keep going:thumbsup:


How are you man! nice texture and detail. good job!:thumbsup:


Hi Monsit,

congrats to your final image. Impressive as allways. :thumbsup:
It was a pleasure to watch this image build up.




Great work Monsit :thumbsup:

Just one little crit: IMHO you can try to varry a little the colors of the trees behind, more tones of green should be nice, those trees looks verry monochromatic and unreal.

Good luck for the final :bounce:


add hair to man charactor , and motion blur , andy’s suggestion about sky, and forrest will correct in the next one ! many thanks for vaulable comments :>


Thats look really nice…:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Only two crits. I dont really like the legs of the woman. It looks wrong the way it bends and the way its model. And I dont like the coin and especially the box on the bottom corner (not enough details in the texture).
Not that it looks really bad but compare to the rest of the quality of the pic it is much lower in quality/details.

Anyway great pic :thumbsup:


I’m trying really hard to come up with something to change here - but to me, it looks quite perfect.
Perhaps some leaves floating in the water?
This is a wonderful image - congrats Monsit :thumbsup:


very strong image…aiaaaaa…his face is so angry…awesome…just awesome. :bounce: