Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


wow your nearly finished, looking good man :thumbsup: the colours are great


• Good Job Monsit! :bounce::thumbsup:
Can’t wait to see it finished!


ohhhhhhhhhhh Perfect !!. Good luck .


woman’s knife has been corrected,add texture to woman cloth , high resoulution render is finished ,so the only color correct can be tweak and this point , comments are welcome


Hahahaha… very good… the knife appear now very perfect… more tha perfect… and new texture additions are great… I can shut my mouth… courage Monsit, you’re on a good way :thumbsup:


very talented:thumbsup: , u ve got loads of details. I like the color variations and your modeling is so precise.I might add a bit of motion blur to those objects falling but its a great work overall.
Keep it up:scream:


Geez this is outstanding !!
Everything is so gorgeous :eek: wow… I can’t find anything to crit :banghead: :bowdown:

And I hate you even more :argh: :scream:


cool keep going mate :thumbsup:


Each update the scene gets more intense! Just fantastic :bowdown:


I like this one very much! Great idea and style! :thumbsup: Most I like metal rendering of weapons and jewels. Keep great working! :thumbsup:


Impressive texture fabric and well a wonderful work on last up-date :applause:


Lemog : thanks mate! :bounce:
Mr Micro26: thanks for comments man! I will try motion blur !
Zapan,the best,Gunilla,rawwad,jddog : many thanks for great support ! good luck all , time is running out !


Nice render! :slight_smile: I like gold coins in motion (motion blur would be cool here)! And characters are very impressive!


hey Monsit!, looking great my only comment is about her feet. In the pose she is in there is no way her feet would be bending like that, they should be more “relaxed” the floor might be too reflective but that’s just a nitpick.

Nice details!


Fantastic work, Monsit:thumbsup: ! I love all these details and your work on the clothes is outstanding. Near final now I think!? :slight_smile:



all render is finished , I tweak it in ps and here is the result ,now I refine some fur work and will post in the next one , this is very close to final , comments are alway welcome


I admire your skills :applause:


just brilliant. the detail on the clothing is amazing! Superb as always, your entry is one of my favourites


Beautiful texture work. Did you hand paint that? It looks like that would take a month to paint!


WoW textures are just amazing!!, u did it again mate, the best i have seen so far, added to my favorites of course.:bounce: