Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Wonderful! As usual you have such great motion in your images - absolutely stunning :bowdown:


Wonderfull !
Way behind my expectations…

Nothing usefull, just congrats :bowdown:
keep it up !


hey monsit , i really wanted to join the challenge,like i always do,lol :slight_smile: , but this time work commitments are keeping me away from personal stuff.I have a few new wips on my website, do check them out when you are free. On a side note…

OMG, looks amazing:):argh::argh::argh:


refine sky color, and add more texture to woman cloth, comments are welcome


There are many nice things going on in this picture. Good job so far. The only thing that I notice right away looks wierd is that the woman’s leg on the viewer’s right looks too cylindrical. It looks like she has no calf muscle and no shin muscle. Perhaps you can tweak this. Hope that helps.


cool keep up the good work :thumbsup:


I see something more dark to the long knife… it’s better of course, and more contrasted… but we speak about the blade of the little knife of the women… this one appear very flat, and of course… the blade don’t have beautiful and rich reflection… and the little dark ray at the end of this blade, even if it’s realistic, give us an odd result, not very esthetic… then, maybe you can enriched it with another orientation, of giving a shape more round, or tricking with map or photoshopping…

The rest is okay for me… more than okay… incredibly beautiful :thumbsup:


Beautiful picture monsitj, congrats, will be back to see the final version. :thumbsup: :bounce:


wow ! Great work, i like all texture.very very nice. Keep it up. Good luck CGchallenge Spectacular.I belive u can do.U the one.:applause:


Great work, master piece. Congrats mate. Sorry for don’t see your thread before.


the render is just spectacular and the lingthing too…really man, thats a great job:cool:


I really dont have the habit to comment 3d entries, coz I really dont have any ideas whats all about here (modeling and similar) but seeing a really good piece by its composition and color usage, I cant pass by not saying anything. So here it is, my comment and congratulations for this fantastic piece :slight_smile: good luck!


Very nice images! And imho, you could try to play with motion blur, guess it ll rise up your work, doesn t?

Good luck!


Brilliant work! Nothing to crit, except a couple of things you could try: add a slight fog effect to make the characters (esp. the man) stand out from the background. This could be localized around the area behind the man so his headgear doesn’t get lost in the roofbeams. Also, try putting a small amount of glosiness (ie. raytraced bluriness) in the metal of the boxes & blades, & in the polished floor reflections.


Nice progress, as I see you work quite fast, so that’s a :thumbsup: . The only crit I find here is maybe that floor looks to clean and it’s too reflective for a wood. Good luck!


gardogg : thanks for comments! about woman’s leg , I try to mimic the asian leg anatomy , it’ seem asian woman has more cylindical form leg,:smiley:
the best : thanks mate!

Lemog : thanks lemog! knife has been correct! will see in the next update
thierry2005 : thanks for visited here! your work is great too!
juniorlucky : :buttrock:
denverbz : glad you like it ! and thanks for visit! :applause:
melkao : thanks man!
NinjaASSN : wow! many thanks for comments ! you are my favourite 2d artist!
yamyam : thanks man! I don’t decide about motion blur , maybe I will try ,
`mb : Hi man ! how are you , nice to see you again! when do you come back to the challenge?
Crying Horn :thanks man! yes I agree , I will tweak it in final composite :bounce:


This is PERFECT for me!.. i like color combination, looks very natural:thumbsup:


WOW…almost finish. it’s gonna be really great image!! :eek: :thumbsup:


I really like this, very colorfull.


man, u just crazy with all that detail !