Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


vampeta: thanks man! your final image is great too,
(o)ne,madshooter,JamesMK : thanks to you for support me! good luck too!
jdsb: glad to hear you like it , when do you come back to join the challenge?
beelow: 5d seem to be tough ! have no idea about my 2d entry:sad:
Maxter : thanks dude! good luck to you too
Andy H : thanks for visited my thread:) hehe I try to make the flower look like sakura , but it a bit different , :eek:
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[color=white]Hello[/color], I like very much the dynamics of your image and the expressions[font=Arial][size=2] of the characters [/size][/font][font=Arial][size=2]But the woman does not look at the man and I find it a little bothering,:applause:


just render all pass in high res and comp together , here is rendering so far ,add metal look to the spear and face , body paint to a man, comments are welcome


like this one :slight_smile: a bit violent but still beautiful… :arteest:


Looks great to me:thumbsup: spear now looks cool I like the expression on the mans face:)


I know Monsit is a detail, but the small reflection on woman’s knife on the top of the blade look like very strange, at same time is a right reflection, but probably it would be better to mask this one…

Very nice work on visage paint… beautiful work :wip:


Good contrats between all elements… that’s so good… always more needed…

I’m okay with Juju about the reflection… maye be with a knife not flat you can have a reflection more interesting and rich… or Photoshop-it :thumbsup:


Hi Monsit,

It’s great to meet you. Just wanted to say that this is an amazing image! It’s quite an inspiration to me and evrything is so well thought out.


wow keep working :thumbsup:


• What to say? amazing image so far, waiting for the final touches! :thumbsup:


the image is getting really cool …Good luck:thumbsup:


i agree with all this… really great:bounce:


wow… absolutely brilliant. Love the way it’s coming together. I thought the sleeve for the male character looked a bit thick on the untextured render - but now it all makes sense!

excellent …keep going Monsit


A love it :love:


Oh, well…astounding…It’s a great job! Awonderful illustration! Congrats!


If u get and a third XSI advanced …i will eat my mouse…:stuck_out_tongue:

The contrast and the colors are amazing…i must copy my friend James once more due to the luck of any new comments…PLOP :cool:

I hate ya :D…naaaahhhh

Thai Powa to the maximum.


Hey Monsit,

Great job with the character modeling and it does have a theatrical feel to the characters. I particularly like the large blade and the main guy and the background architectural elements.:applause: :applause: I do think the girls dress could have some sort of texture to it.

Great job with this.


Yeah, I hear that! I still have to do my 3d entry, I have not even got around to it! I have all week to do it! Hopefully I can get it done in time, but it looks like I am not, but at least I will have my 2d finished! Nice renders btw!


Wonderfull texturing and model,mood charactor!! Very nice work!!!:thumbsup:Very Good composite.I like it all.I wait for more update.Good luck CGChallenge XVIII-Spectacula.I stand beside u everytime.


madshooter : thanks man!
jddog,lemog : thanks ! now I rerender the knife again and I think it’s ok :stuck_out_tongue:
harryb : thanks ! glad you like it!:applause:
the best,Climax,melkao,rattlesnake : many thanks ! glad you like it too,:love:
Versiden : I feel the same for sleeve too , so I correct it ,:stuck_out_tongue:
(o)ne,medunecer : thanks for support man!
DimitrisLiatsos : haha thanks friend! hope you find time to finished your entry ! good luck!
mmoir : thanks! now girl texture has a lot of pattern so I have to manage it not to distract image :argh:
beelow : yes ,that the same for me too , I have no idea about my 2d entry :argh:
juniorlucky ::buttrock: