Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


here is charactor paint work , it’s a simple pattern with no detail


coool keep it up :thumbsup:


haha YYEESSSS, hairs like that are the best direction :thumbsup:

about mouth make up, would have made it even less large (smaller), almost a point…

one more time, niiice move :buttrock:


Oh man…i 've been away some time and u really are flying here…but i didn’t expect less from u…it’s going to be awesome when u finish…for that i am sure…no crits man…just here for the support. :thumbsup:


oh god man, wow,shocking:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


just finished some basic pass , occlusion , diffuse and main lighting , so I combine it in photoshop, and here is result , comments are welcome


You are incredible boy!!

Absolut awesome progress in your scene!!
and… it´s nice to follow your threat to the top… :wink: Keep on Friend, only 16 days left…
P.s: I love your details… :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Cheers :beer: Alex


wow :eek: that’s cool :slight_smile:


Awesome:thumbsup: Test comp. looks great.


Coming together real nicely here - it’s like a very violent ballet (well, most lethal even, I guess)



OH MY GOD, i cant say anything else, been ranting that crap for the past 5 pages but its true, OH MY GOD:bowdown::arteest::beer::scream:


Damn dude, your fast, I will work on mines shortly, let’s see if I can get mines done in 2 weeks hehe!:thumbsup:


Great expressions, great lighting, great composition:applause: … like you usually do it:thumbsup:


Wow! Thats very cool! Dunno how i missed this one!

Very dynamic scene with superb composition and great modeling. The pose is great too, but at first glimpse, it seems more like a passionate embrace than a deadly attack. Nice work on the hair and cloth, and the cherry blossom in the background looks great.

Not long left now - cant wait to see the finished image!


WoW! This looks amazing! I know your great skills, but this one, fantastic working here. also I like idea! Look foward to see it finished :applause:


Your composition is just amazing, Monsit, I love all these details…stunning work on hair and clothes…



WOAA this unbelievable , you’re hella fast !!

Outsanding work Monsit, I’m just praying now you’ll have the time to finish that…


awsome owrk my friend, but didn’t expect anything less form you :bowdown:


Been following this one because it’s amazing. Every update kills! Just one small thing I keep expecting you to patch. There’s a little bit of sky showing under one of the roofing tiles. There’s this monumental clash of elemental forces and I’m worried that the roof might leak!
But really, your composition is the best. You hit it perfectly in the beginning and never second guessed yourself.
Great work



This is truely amazing work. Everything fits into scene…comp, lighting, shading… this is going to be very eye atractive.