Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong



I missed this image, looks awesome great job dude:thumbsup: . very nice mood and colours. Nice start on the face texture. Keep up the good work:)


what?..that image isn’t a photo…is really 3d?..wow. is the most spectacular…i put on my knees and i know my superior:bowdown::drool:


very cool texture keep up the good work :wip:


Zapan : heheh thanks man! :wip:

madshooter :thanks man! working on face is hard , skin with white powder:cry:
melkao : thanks for support ,hehe:drool:
the best : thanks man! good luck!


what can i say…u doin it again… the realism is frickin outstanding mate:arteest: :beer:


cloth texture , for both man and woman , there are a lot of little piece to texture , so I use procedural texture to make it different , there are some UV stretch in some area , and texture is not final yet, 19 days, 13 hours, 2 minutes, 36 seconds. left


Just perfect and fantastic… I already imagine these texturing parts in the render… certainly whaouw :arteest:


Ahhh - I agree, just fantastic! I love watching your work evolve :bounce:


That’s promising monsijt. Nothing to crit, as usual :smiley:


nothing helpfull, just a huge WOW!
absolutely wonderfull, my eyes are wide open, really enjoying your work !

background is excelent, just the right touch of color, really fine.
funny it looks so “realistic”, thought you’d go for kabuki scene…
but aahh, it’s the original history, and it’s rendered very well :thumbsup:

clothes paterns are coming so great.
fine art done by fine artist :slight_smile:

keep it up :bounce:


Nice modeling, and I can’t believe those textures are procedural. I was wondering is that a plait of hair around his neck or a garniture wich looks like it?


Lemog, Gunilla,authentic,shtl : many thanks for supports! good luck to you too!:beer:
Crying Horn : no , in my latest post is not procedural , its paint texture , I mean I will reuse them and make each one look different with map some procedural to modify it , and don’t know what part do you meant , but if you mean a stuff in man body ,it’s a fake hair , just for ornament , sorry for english;)


OK, I usderstood, looks quite unique you know… :wink:

Yeah, mee too :smiley:


fur test ,it’s in early stage ,maybe I will try poly map transparency, comments always welcome


Hi Monsit, I have to say that is a very nice work, great modeling even though we cant see the wireframe, and obviousaly what it called more my attention was the hair, really nice, I wish I can accomplish something like that, I know hair is always a pain… What software are you using? I can tell is Maya but I wont be sure… anyways… Good luck!!!


If you finish both of these entries, I am going to start a new career.:rolleyes:


cool work :wip:


Hey Monsitj, I hadn´t seen your entry before. If your previous M&S entry is anything to go by, I´m sure that the finished piece will look very beautiful! I already love the background, and their pose is very dramatic and interesting. Good luck! By the way, I´m now also doing a turtle, (like you did in the past, though a bit different!) :).


Hairs are already very good… I just see them more in the wind, with more motion… less straight than now… but with the complete integration with the other parts of your scenery, that will be certainly less disturbing… the base is very good for the moment… maybe darker hairs… not ?


I agree with Lemog…

BTW is that Maya fur? O_o