Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


OUCH! The rest of your progress was just great!.. BUT… This is insane… Congrats mate:thumbsup::thumbsup:

There is a subtle and delicate balance contained in this piece that I think will make it most memorable;)

btw the floor tex may need some breaking up… it looks a little repeated atm



yeah that’s great !


Wow Monsit, really a beautiful exterior, peacefull and well designed.

Greetings mate


I love the concept. Your modeling on the characters is also great. My one crit would be with the roof structure. The way you have the column going up to the roof might be a little off from how a japanese roof works. I think it might look more realistic if the column went under one of the supports and then they stacked on top of each other. Here is the best image I could find of what I’m talking about.

But it’s a nitpick thing, I’m just into architectural details so my eye is drawn to that stuff :slight_smile: Either way this image is looking great.


Hi !TOmy
I belive u can do.U the best…:thumbsup: Cheers up…Go go.:buttrock:(^o^)…(^*^)v


Ahhh - Monsit :cry:

It looks like you’re doing it again… and you always makes it seem so easy :love:

I can smell another master piece comin on!


Hello mister Monsit!!:bowdown: it is true, i’ve never posted on your page, but what can i say? i’ve any advice to give to you…it is simply wonderful…like always! good lck mister and keep goin’on this way…you rocks:buttrock:


stunning composition Monsit. keep up!


Just one word: Beautiful!


Oh, and a few more words… :smiley: I think someone mentioned a few posts back that the pose of the combatants is a bit stiff, and I tend to agree there. They don’t look quite alive, and that could potentially ruin the whole thing… So I guess you’ll need to exaggerate their poses quite a bit, give them a feeling of weight and motion.

Otherwise :thumbsup:



Beautiful scene, and a nice composition. I’ve never seen this thread before-shame on me…
Keep it up!


Nice looking BG man, you’re really good at doing beautiful things so fast, well resuse and breaking things down, i’ve learned heaps fomr you, keep going :thumbsup:


simply awesome!:thumbsup::thumbsup:ass kicking entry


• :applause: lovely, very oriental :slight_smile:


simply awesome!:thumbsup::thumbsup:ass kicking entry


many many thanks for supports!
DaddyMack : thanks for comments man! I ‘ll fix the repeated pattern!:slight_smile:
Novacaine : thanks for reference! its’ perfect! but I think I don’t have time left to fix ,:twisted: thanks again!
JamesMK : aahh! again , I can’t fix pose of charactor too much , because I model them in final pose :banghead::banghead:

thanks again ! good luck to you all!


You know, I had this same problem with my characters and I think I found a good solution that is pretty quick. In your 3d app, simply detach the limbs that you want to repose. Detach them at the shoulder and at the elbow. Then, repose the detached limbs to your liking. Next, reattach the limbs. Now some tweaking will need to take place. To do this quickly, simply bring the model into zbrush and sculpt the joints with the move tool until you’re satisfied. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes maximum I think.

I really respect you as an artist and I know fully that you have far more experience than me. I just thought that I would throw out this tip in hopes that it would help you in some way. Great work man!


really promising! Down right great, looking forward to seeing further developments. I can ony imagine how long it will take you to create the maps for the costumes! Looking great!


many many thanks gardog ! for your solution:thumbsup: now I’m have a lot of texture work to begin , and thanks again , :thumbsup:

clos 71 : yeah! texture for clothing is very hard , now time is flying ! I will do my best , thank you:thumbsup:


begin face texture ! early start !


Argh I hate you … in the most friendly way of course … but still :scream: hahaha… :bowdown: :bowdown: