Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


I wish I had known about that contest and I could have jumped in on it too! It must have been a fun theme to work with. You say you are tired, but here you are working full steam any ways. What an inspiration you are! I too hope to be such a hard, determined worker like you. Keep it up!


this work is top notch as always my friend…cant belive youre so fast …:bounce:, and with lots of quality:eek:


really inspiring work and
your non-stop effort. good
luck bro. oh! congrats to your
dnd entry.:thumbsup:


edit: I was thinking about it some more and I think that in order for you to envision what a swing of the man’s knife would look like, maybe it would be good to actually pose and have someone take a picture of you doing it. That way you will see what it would look like and then you could make it look more natural.

as gardogg said.I have to agree with him.
And that is probabaly only thing I noticed beside beautyfoul and dynamic posed characters.

keep the edge my friend.

crow goes get somethin’ to eat.


Great work as always…

Cant wait to see more!

(Did you find a job yet?)


Congrates on your Deathfall challenge!! You got some good solid modelling going on man, i agree with the knife issue though, but it’s looking great.


wow you rock men you’r rock


Hi! Tomy How r u?:slight_smile: Great model.Tomy don’t keep up.move forword.i belive u can do.I’m so pound of u.U the best.:thumbsup: I waithing for more up date. Keep up (the Good work)I’ll always be there for u.Good luck CG Challenges.สู้ สู้ สู้ตาย 5555


oh my god, incredible work monsitj,just :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


Come on Monsit,where r ya,i want to see that Final!:smiley: :bounce:


add gold coin in front , and render in ambient occlusion pass, thank you for every comments , good luck all,


That’s great monsijt. There are many impressive things in 3d in this challenge. Good luck.


:thumbsup: god damn it! look at that! man how fast u upload this update,i mean no pre-steps befire this,but i know,uv got no time!:smiley: so,man im reallly happy to have u again,i thought u wont continue! that was the good news of today,mate!:smiley:


Wow, this is already impressive:thumbsup: . I’m curious to see it full textured…:bounce:



Good job man!:buttrock: หายไปตั้งพักใหญ่ กลับมาอีกทีอลังการเลย เจ๋ง เจ๋ง!


Hey Monsit, excellent modeling work:applause: …so much detail, very well achieved:thumbsup:


cool work :cool:


I like your work.
But your persons have an unreal position. I don’t smell the movement, rythm.

Good continuation



this is my first spectacular challange.feels great to be competing such great artists.all the very best to all.


Superb work monsitj, great poses and modeling .:thumbsup:
Keep it up