Spectacular 3D Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Hi Monsit,

Congratiulation to the 1st price at the death fall challenge. Man,…you are everywhere.
Great skills, dude.





charactor model in progress , there are some element i have to model ,and background temple , commets are welcome


madshooter : thanks man!
Lemog : thanks lemog! glad you like it!
Fahrija : hi !how are you mate! update your entry please!


cool character :thumbsup: waiting for the textures :bounce:


Great update Monsit! Wow - you are so fast :eek: :thumbsup:


Whaouw… impressive… already strong and beautiful… efficient art :thumbsup:

Just see that the little finger of the left hand of the guy appear a little bit far of the weapon…
…nothing more for the moment… :slight_smile:


wow, great update… this is really turning out very cool!


This is my first time to post your thread. I really like your modeling work. can’t wait to see.



cool modeling,keep up the good work:thumbsup:



Much liked.


Weapon modeling rules! :beer:

Very dynamic scene. Don’t forget the motion blur :wink:


Greate! Really gerate! You are the best at this challenge!!! Good luck!:thumbsup:


Awesome:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


YOOOO MONSITJJJJJ congratulations mate…damn…if it was a complete jury id have the third place hahahaha lol awesome…u tha maaan:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :thumbsup: :smiley: :beer:
oh…and this just made me laugh…weird thing…ur makin a guy about to strike a girl with the sword…and im makin a raisd of norse gods…with most important part…an old bearded guy on a horse with a lance…hehehhee


This is coming along very well. My only crit would be that the pose of the man’s striking hand doesn’t look like he is going to strike her. His wrist is turned too far clockwise. It looks like he is just holding his weapon up. Maybe you could change that somehow to make the way he is holding his weapon look more threatening.

edit: I was thinking about it some more and I think that in order for you to envision what a swing of the man’s knife would look like, maybe it would be good to actually pose and have someone take a picture of you doing it. That way you will see what it would look like and then you could make it look more natural.


excellent work, nice progress:drool:


Dit you ever miss a challenge?! … Dam you are to Great!

Congratulations on winning the dungeons and Dragons Challenge :thumbsup:
I saw your image… it´s breathtaking :eek:

You are a real paragon…

and… of course your work here is also awesome as ever :wink:
See Ya!


ha , boring pose, here is hand arm feet wip ,I repost here because maybe someone curious where are they come from , and many thanks for congrat words about deathfall contest ,


the best : thanks mate!
Gunilla : thanks gunilla!
Lemog ::bounce:
Versiden,BLee,CUBISIS,gpashkov,nemirc,BobbEr,madshooter,melkao : many thanks for supports friends ,mean a lot to me,
gardogg: ahah ! yes about the pose , I can’t change it because I don’t rig it heheh! but I think man is not try to kill woman but just grab weapon for defense , maybe he is too late:eek:
nebezial,vampeta : thanks man for congratulation! I LEARN A LOT from that contest , and I’m very tried with it


wow :eek: arew you going to smooth them ?