Spectacular 3D Entry: Mohamed Rotab


thanx fgcity , acuallt the concept is hard to determine yet … so many ideas r crossing my mind about it … but i shall decide soon after i get my new machine :slight_smile:

thanx for the advice mate … about the falt city base …i guess i will fix that … that model was for demonestration only :slight_smile:
by the way i saw the work on ur site and it’s great :applause:

hehehe yup thats would be funny :slight_smile:

thanx man … but listen iam not good as u may think :slight_smile: and as i said be4 iam expecting to be the last rank in this challenge … my texturing and rendering abilities is still below average … so i may consider not to continue with this challenge after i finish the modeling phase … till i master texturing and rendering then i can post it on the 3D still gallery … and i may be lucky then and get my dream icon ( the award winner one ) :slight_smile:

thanx man i hope i dont disappoint u and i will go to check ur work :slight_smile:


Very good concept and beautiful modeling Mohamed :thumbsup: so much pieces here…

You talk me about textures on my thread… and that remember me a time I’ve create a kind of robot with many many metallic parts… and to gain some times, I textured each part at the same time… after… it’s a titan’s work mate… I wish you lot of courage… :thumbsup:


Great work ya rotab :thumbsup: keep it up


That Detail is amazing, great Pictures, would like to see some closeups.
Anyway very impressive.


I like the idea


thanx lemog for ur kind words … really much appreciated … and i will try to texture each part by part as i model :slight_smile:

EssaMania , dkHamburg , haithamjaz : thanx guys really supporting comments :slight_smile:


Wow! What fantastic detail! :scream:
Keep up the good work and please … keep us posted with your progres


Supercool cities, if a hurricane comes near, they’d just wander off for some days :slight_smile:
reminds me of the pyramids and the digging machines of matrix. Maybe they could also have a mechanism that drops off the rest of the destroyed leg and moves one of the remaining legs to the position where the distance to the other two legs is equal.
Hehe, that would mean a heave earthquake for the habitants of the city anyway but at least not the entire distruction of one or even two such cities.


really nice modellin’ mohamed good luck and good continuation in this challenge very original one!:thumbsup:


samer salameh : thanx man :slight_smile:

coCoKNIght : heheheh yup i guess the city in motion concept is much dominating now but that will require more and moer time :slight_smile:

Jaba153 : thanx mate i really appreciate ur words :slight_smile:

well too bad iam getting so much busy in work these days thats why i stopped posting updates for a while :sad:
i wish i could have more time to continue with the challenge … good luck all …

… Happy Ramadan for muslim artists … and peace for all man kind :rolleyes:


I like all the details in the image! Should be interesting to see this one animated, with all those cogs and gears working in unison. Are you going to do this?


WOW WOW WOW that realy great JOB Man machallah tabarakllah … I hope to win :slight_smile:


Greate job! Nice details!:thumbsup:


Great Details Man!

you doing great progress!


This is looking excellent! The stands are nicely detailed and look just awesome in the last few pics. If you can capture the motion and drama of the two towers colliding, I’m sure this will be one of the best entries!

Still a lot of work though :). Keep it up :thumbsup:.


i dont get it, are you joking? you know its been over for ages :S

still would like to see the final image.


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