Spectacular 3D Entry: Mohamed Rotab


• It is looking good Mohamed! The stand are very well done and i think it will be an interesting final image :thumbsup:


Nice dude.
What is the concept?
Moving City?:lightbulb !! come on !:wink:


dont know what to say man! thats stupendous! :thumbsup: i’ll just say they will look even better textured!


really nice modeling! but with 4 feet like that the city can be twice as big as it is now! so i would consider changing the size a bit.


OMG, the bot model looks grande and well crafted.


wow … thanx guys for these kind words … it’s really supporting … didn’t expect that u guys would like it … :slight_smile:
Thank You Very Much … i wish u all the best of luck .

hmm about the city size regarding the stands size … acually iam totally confused what is the best size for should i enlarge it a bit or what


Rotab, great mechanism modeling on these cities, I can visualize all that stuff on the final image, lots and lots of details. Best luck for you!

See ya on the threads!



woderful rotab,I really like this! keep going


Realy good…

The city remember the Minas Tirith of LOTR… :thumbsup:

Good work…


WoW man u rules …
I like the idea ,the modeling all of it is great…
about the size of the city I think it need to be bigger than that… but I think it will need alot of details too …
and yes the city looks like the minis tirth style keep it like that and good luck man
as an egyption I am very proud of u man …


Gus_clifton … thankx man … the details in the city would be something hard … acually the scene is so heavy and the vray renderer always get me error msg when i tried to render the 3 greeble blocks with the 12 stands … so i had to separate them and use layers … donno where i am going with this till now … beside iam working on a none certified pc ( 3.0 GHz with 1 GB RAM only ) … max view ports moves slowly like hell even in the Box Mode …

i guess i will start modeling the city these days but i will take a break after to learn some texturing tutorails and so which iam totally newbie in …:sad:

fighter4d : thanx so much :slight_smile:

MadnesS : much appreciated man :slight_smile:

dodo3d : thanx man … u make me feel like iam in a war or something :scream:


impressive model, engeneery complexity on details are amazing. Congrats.


woow, I had in mind you were going into some serious mechanical detaling, but had no idea of the scale of it, man you’re insane :eek: :scream: …impressive!




Extremely interesting developments here… I can somehow see cities running around in the wild, jumping over fences and so on :smiley: (that calls for some pretty serious fences though, but anyway…)


thanx jdd much appreciated u came in here :slight_smile:

thanx mate … who said 3D is a profession of the wise people :slight_smile:

thanx James … really supporting :slight_smile:


Very impressive detail and design but without a concept it’s hard to see the general idea indeed.

Good luck to you and looking forward to the update on that.


Cities in motion.
I’m architect and I think is like a dream, hehehe.

I subscribe from your thread.

Advices: Setting v-ray in photon map, is very quickly.
Check your geometry and polygons, collapse some that.
The legs base must be bigger.

I waiting the cities modeling. the flat base of the cities are not good, anyway, do you fix this , don´t you?


I imagine everyone would argue about where they wanted to go in their city. “Somebody call the mayor!”


what a complex Scene:eek: we got some hopes if you leave after finishing the modeling:bounce:


yo Rotab, I’m totally blown away by your idea!! it’s gonna be beautiful, I know it:) I happen to be doing a mechanical building for the 2D gallery, check it out. good luck to ya, I’ll be watching your stuff!