Spectacular 3D Entry: Mohamed Rotab


hey very nice modeling man… im impressed… nice concept u got too… keep up the good works mate and good luck


And to think that this is just a begining …


wow! that some seriouse machine modeling! no crits just keep having fun!
just wow dude!:thumbsup:


Interesting work, very detailed model.
Can’t wait to see it finished


authentic , Squibbit … thanx guys … nice to see some award winners around :slight_smile:
coCoKNIght, LAURO_MX, Yongkiat, max40, overcontrast, yunisirees … really kind words of u guys … i wish u all the best of luck :slight_smile:
3rd user : about the poly count … hmmm this issue worries me alot … i reached the 650 000 polygon so far :cry:
AmazingC : acually i almost have low skillz in texturing and rendering thats why i dont expect to continue till the final image … anyway iam practicing so hard on this part :wip:
profg : thanx for the encouraging words
raca : thanx old friend
Madlight_1988 : how many hours ??? i guess about 3 to 4 hours daily after work while iam half asleep :wink:

ok guys about my sketch … i know it’s not obvious but my 2D skills r really bad … so iam sry for that .

i wish u all the best of luck
/ Rotab3D


To cut down the poly count, delete “back faces.” These are the faces that are not shown. For example the inner half of a tube or something. Good luck with this!


oldnick : thanx man :slight_smile:
gardogg : really great advice … thanx :slight_smile:


almost finish the the stand


Awesome modeling job. It is so complex. I can’t wait to see the finished product.


Wow! Dude, you rock!!! Keep it up, man! I can’t wait to see the final look


Solid progress here I see, and it’s still looking good.


max40 , demn_lougan : thanx guys :slight_smile:
JamesMK : thanx for ur kind words … and good luck in ur challenge :slight_smile:

i guess i will be posting a demonstration of the city blocks supported on the mechanical stands so that people can understand my concept …
and plz guys excuse any mistakes i do in the project progress coz iam kinda newbi here … and i really appreciate all the C&C that u all post here and it’s all much welcome :rolleyes:

Good luck … Rotab3D


i guess it’s getting more obvious


another update


ok guys i guess my concept is getting more obvious than be4 … here 3 different city blocks with different elevation according to the height of the mechanical stands that support it … i will NOT use greeble for the city blocks buildings … i will model each one individually … the greeble here r for demonestration only …
i would like to thank all the artists that supported me with their great sweet words and comments … good luck for u all and i wish u the best …


Those legs have an INCREDIBLE amount of detail… Thes sense of the city is almost non-existant though because of the scale of the lges as compared to that of the buildings. I am sure when it is textured that will come through better…

I really like the concept, it is very unique and creative. And I am a huge sucker for detailed models. So keep up the good work!


you rock dude
good Luck:thumbsup:


so nice mohammed …

your idea looks greet … nd i like your modeling too … :applause:

you looks so csre sbout the details …

happy 2 c egyptions entered this challenge …

best luck 4 all of us … :thumbsup:


DAMN,LOOK AT DETAILS! thhis is amazing,mate!u could light ur scene better,sothat we could see more detail,eh?
goodluck,nice job so far…


whoa!!! nice job!!! I like this realism obtained with many details.

good luck!