Spectacular 3D Entry: Mohamed Rotab


Ok, I have to say I’m not too crazy about your concept sketch… I mean… I’m not too sure I understand what’s happening in there :slight_smile: But man, your mechanical modeling skills are impressive, am really looking forward to see what’s gonna come out of it. Keep it up dude!




Absolutely right, wallah ne7na el 3arab mana galileen :smiley:


gardogg : thanx for ur support man :slight_smile:
Adriano_Zanetti : hey man me myself dont understand my own concept :wink:
eYadNesS : thanx Eyad for ur sweet words :slight_smile:
Ahmed_Hosny : i really appreciate ur support my friend :applause:

i guess i will be starting the city blocks soon …

(( each time i see one of the cg talk award winners entering this challenge … i feel so scared … and i wonder where am i among those great artists :cry: ))

i wish u all the best of luck … :slight_smile:


very nice work good luck.:thumbsup:


nice modeling …good luck to you :thumbsup:


that`s nice details .keep ur working on .


Awesome, awesome modeling there bud. Really impressive work, not to mention the speed at which you’re modeling. Can’t wait for update. Wish you best of luck.


i think it be good look after finsh work

good louck dr.mahamad


Looks like there will be many details :scream:

good luck.


haha, fun idea :thumbsup:



Crazy modelling detail! Looking great! :thumbsup:


Yeah,Cool! howmany hrs have u spent on this?


nice modeling there…you didnt say anything about the count of polygons yet?
keep it up!i


your modeling is very nice
Lot of detaisl:thumbsup:
good luck with the comp, c ya


If your texturing and rendering are half as good as your modeling, you can expect great things to happen :wink: Excellent modeling. I’ll be anxious to see how it develops.


Oh the design is so intricate and beautiful. I like the details on your model. Very good work!


Awesome modeling job. Very complex.


Don’t be so shy, your model looks great. I wish, I could do that.


i guess it’s still all about the details


this is a part from the mechanical stand