Spectacular 3D Entry: Mohamed Rotab


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hello all … i guess iam expecting to be beyond the last rank in this challenge … acually this is my 1st modeling post ever on cgtalk … any way it’s gonna be fun … and i wish u all the best of luck :slight_smile:
btw can some1 tell me how i show my image in the icon beside my thread title


well i will post the concept soon to u can get an idea of what iam doing


Nice model, I’m sure it will be so good after texturing…

By the way you are so fast, lol… Just kidding, don’t worry :smiley:


nice modeling but what is this?
and what is the idea of u spectacular?
any way good luck


I agree with dodo3d, the model is looking great, but what’s the concept?


nice modeling ya rotab…
Good luck
about changing the picture, go to the user control panel — then edit avatar and browse for the pic you want
Good luck


The thumbnail caught my eye…dunno what I’m looking at yet but I see you can model :scream:

Good luck to you in your first comp here.


El salm alicom Mohamed
Good work
the modeling is so good
but i don’t know your idea
good luck


nice work man

but where is the concept:deal:


nice work man but as usual i will ask where is the concept?



nice modeling for beginning this challenge :slight_smile:

waiting for the concept, cauz hard to see what it is for for the moment. indeed, the model looks really good at the moment , full of details and nice design.

maybe to give more detail turn some of the front bolts, hihi i know those are detail :stuck_out_tongue:
good luck to you


ok guys here is my concept … it may sound a little stupid :slight_smile:
i will make a city that consist of multi blocks … each block is supported in the sky by 4 mechanical stand … and the blocks will vary in elevation according to the stand hieght … i may add the following > the city will be under attack and one the big high stand will be destroyed and i will take the shot when on of the higher block of the city is falling upon the the lower one …


thanx guys for ur kind words about the mechanical model …it is still at the begging and i will post further screen shots tomorow with more details and new parts … i guess the city blocks will be after i finish the stands …
good luck all :slight_smile:


i wouldn’t want to be the architect responsible for the existance of those strange cities :scream:


That is really a cool idea. Makes me feel like mine is slacking off! Multiple cities!!?? WOW. A lot of work but I can imagine this as being something truly special. I say go for it. Good luck and nice progress so far! Very creative.



nice idea and alot of work to be done

good luck man :thumbsup:


It’s all about the details


aff details details details … i hate mechanical modeling :slight_smile:


Liked your model, it’s very clean…

Just though, how many polys do you have in this model?